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Jim Harbaugh discusses 49ers-Seahawks, the week of practice and musical playlists

49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh met with the media on Friday for some final discussion about the upcoming matchup with the Seattle Seahawks. New to Niners Nation? Sign up here and join the discussion!

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The 49ers wrapped up their practice week, and will head up to Seattle for Sunday Night Football against the Seahawks. Jim Harbaugh had his weekly Friday press conference, and he touched on a variety of topics. You can read the transcript below.

The last question was about how the 49ers did not have play clock issues after halftime the last time they were in Seattle. In response, Harbaugh pointed to how the team was down several scores and using more no huddle. I find myself wondering if we'll see the team work in more no-huddle.

The upside to that is getting more time at the line of scrimmage to take care of business. The downside is that with the noise-level, I have to think it will be difficult hearing the plays if Colin Kaepernick is trying to yell them beyond the distance of the huddle. The team could go with hand signals, but we don't really know where they stand on implementing something like that. It will be something to track on Sunday.

Got plans for tonight?

"I'm going to take my wife to the Paly (Palo Alto High School) Vikings game."

How did that come about, you're doing the coin toss I understand?


How did that come about?

"[Palo Alto High School football coach] Earl Hansen asked [49ers quarterbacks coach] Geep Chryst to ask me. I'm very honored to do it."

Have you seen Palo Alto High School quarterback, and son of 49ers QBs coach Geep Chryst, Keller Chryst play?


What do you think of him?

"I think he's really good. He reminded me a lot of watching [Colts QB] Andrew Luck when Andrew was in high school."

Will you stay for the whole game?

"I think so."

Are you satisfied with the week of practice, preparation?

"Yeah I do, I think it was a real good week. I think the team's ready to play and I'm excited to go up to Seattle and get this game going."

How is your assessment of what QB B.J. Daniels offered as the scout team quarterback this week?

"He did a real nice job."

Seahawks CB Brandon Browner is listed as doubtful for this game. How did Seahawks CB Walter Thurmond play? It seemed like he must have had a good game in Week 1 for the Seahawks.

"Yeah he did. He played quite a bit and their entire defense had a good showing as usual. That's a fine defense."

Would you say that your relationship with Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll is a little different now than maybe it was back when you were at Stanford and he was at USC?

"It's always been a professional relationship."

No different? You go to NFL meetings, maybe you're around him a little bit more now?

"Yeah, there were meetings then too. I enjoy his company and a very professional relationship and a lot of things made out to be what people make them out to be."

When you were first getting to Stanford, USC was one of the top programs if not the top program. Did you really look at that and say, ‘I want to go after that program,' was that part of your thinking?

"We wanted to, yeah, we wanted to raise our program up to that program, so that was our goal. We put that goal down, had that in mind and then worked to achieve it."

What was that victory in your first year in the Coliseum, what did that mean for your program?

"It was a cornerstone type of a win for the program."

For you?

"For the program, yeah."

Is RB LaMichael James the only one on your injury report today?

"As you know, the injury report is not something that I fill out. That's filled out by our public relations director and with the advice of our trainers, at the direction of the trainers."

If he's unable to go, you most likely will have WR Kyle Williams back there on punt returns again. How do you think he handled that in the season opener?

"I thought he did a good job."

Kickoff return wise, what do you think of how you guys performed on those?

"Good, I thought, we only had the one opportunity, but it was executed pretty well, got it out to the 30 yard line."

In the four times you guys have played the Seahawks it seems special teams has played a pretty big role each time. Is that something that you guys talked about and reviewed?

"Yeah, that's something we talk about every week, the importance of that phase. Both sides put a great deal of effort into being the best we can possibly be at it."

Is there anyone to whom you'd compare Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch either in the game now, or in the game in the last 40 or 50 years?

"Forty to 50 years? No, I don't get into comparing people too much. He's a great back."

What makes him so effective?

"Physical, fast, he's got great ball security. He's a tough runner, tough man. He's a real football player."

The NFL announced the fines. Packers LB Clay Matthews $15,000, LB Ahmad Brooks $12,000-plus, and even WR Anquan Boldin got a fine. Did you understand the fine for Anquan Boldin?

"Do I understand it?"


"No, I have no reaction to it. I have zero reaction to the fines. At the direction of the league, I have nothing to say about that publicly."

You didn't get fined for your sweater did you? For the, having the wrong one out?

"Not that I know of."

After a week of practice, do you feel comfortable with the improvements you were able to make as far as play calling and getting the play in on time?

"Yeah, we feel good. We feel like we've had good preparation. Feel like we have a good plan and that'll continue tomorrow. Another workout, another practice tomorrow and then travel up there, more meetings. Hay's never really in the barn. But, where we stand right now, we feel good. We feel ready to go."

Are you implementing new things, or is it just kind of refining what you're already doing, as far as getting the play on time?

"Yeah, wouldn't really discuss that publicly, like the fine system."

What has senior offensive consultant Eric Mangini brought to your team so far?

"Good football coach. A lot of things. A lot of things that he studies, picks up on and tells the coaches, players. Teaching."

Is it an evolving role, or is it about what you thought it would be so far?

"It's been evolving."

How do you settle on the music that you play during practice to emulate the crowd noise? Is it picked by the players? How is that playlist chosen?

"It's a playlist."

OK, I thought there would be something creative.

"No, nothing profound to talk about there."

Last time you played in Seattle, you didn't have any play clock issues after halftime. Did you make any adjustments that you can remember?

"We were down some several scores, and we started going some no huddle."