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Chefs Watch 2013: Week 2 provides Cowboys-Chiefs, Rams-Falcons and more

We take a look at some of the early games in Week 2, and provide an open thread for discussion. New to Niners Nation? Sign up here and join the discussion!

Micky Pain

It's Week 2! The 49ers do not get going until later tonight, but there is plenty of good football to be enjoyed in the meantime. We'll have this AM game thread, followed by a PM thread closer to 1 p.m.

The morning features the second week of Chefs Watch 2013. For those that don't get it, the 49ers hold the Kansas City Chiefs third round pick in next year's draft. If the Chiefs win eight or more games, the draft pick moves up to the second round. Accordingly, we are tracking the Chiefs each week to see if they can get to that eight win mark. Some of us are keeping an eye on former 49ers QB Alex Smith as well, but the draft pick is what matters.

This week, the Chiefs host the Dallas Cowboys. The Chiefs are actually three point favorites in this game, which surprises me. The Chiefs are an improved team, but I actually think the Cowboys are a lot better than they might be getting credit for. The Cowboys have stumbled frequently in recent years, and Tony Romo gets a lot of crap, but I actually think they are going to do some things this year. The NFC East is a bit of a toss-up, as I think you can make arguments for all four teams to take the division. I actually think Dallas claims it this year.

The AM games also feature the Rams traveling to face the Atlanta Falcons. The Rams edged out the Arizona Cardinals last week, and now they face a serious test in Atlanta. The Rams are a talented team, but can they put it all together? This game might tell us a thing or two about them.