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Golden Nuggets: Hours away from a 49ers-Seahawks showdown

Sunday, September 15h, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from around the Internet.

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All throughout this past week I've heard one phrase in particular that is interesting for me. People have said that this Week 2 matchup between the San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks is vastly more important for the latter than the former. The more I think about that statement, I have to agree.

While a 2-0 start and a win over the Seahawks in Seattle would be great for the 49ers, they don't need it to validate how good they are. They are expected to win at home, and they are expected to do well outside of this match. The Seahawks, however, are the rising team unproven to this point. And they don't lose at home. Holding their ground, against the 49ers especially, is incredibly important.

And at this point, I'm not even nervous. Onto the links. Go Niners!

As much as I think Richard Sherman is a cheater and a punk, he's incredibly good at what he does. Anything that can be done to get Anquan Boldin away from him is a good thing. Boldin needs to produce. Let Sherman cover uh ... whoever else is playing wide receiver for the 49ers these days. | Where will Boldin go? 49ers could alter approach to avoid Sherman (Branch)

Who wouldn't? | With knuckles: Boone would rather punch Matthews than fine him (Barrows)

I have to say I find Cris Collinsworth to be the most annoying person in the NFL media ... outside of Chris Berman. But his biased-ness against the 49ers doesn't factor into that. He's just really, really annoying. Then again, Madden may have ruined him for me. | Sample Cris Collinsworth quotes you can expect to hear during 49ers vs. Seahawks (BA Sports Guy)

If Brandon Browner plays, the 49ers will have a very tough time. Sherman will take away whoever he's up against, and while I think Vernon Davis will have a good game, that becomes much tougher if Browner plays and then Davis is the only player the 49ers offense targets. | 49ers-Seahawks injuries: Browner is doubtful (Maiocco)

I think this is an intelligent use of B.J. Daniels' skill. It's nice to see the third-string quarterback taking actual reps at quarterback on the scout team, as opposed to another position that the more athletic quarterbacks generally have to do. Oh also the bit about him deeming the 49ers' defense as ready is cool, too. Wilson impersonator declares 49ers' defense ready (Maiocco)

The Playbook: Previewing Seahawks-Niners, Packers-Redskins, other Week 2 games (SI)

So who'll be special-teams hero this time in 49ers-Seahawks matchup (Inman)

Seattle's Ready for the 49ers' Deception Game (SI)

Kaepernick, Wilson battling for jersey dominance, too (Barrows)

49ers go into Sunday's game with nothing to lose (except players) (BA Sports Guy)

49ers Coach Jim Harbaugh Helps Ring in New Palo Alto Football Field (NBC Bay Area)

3TFO: 49ers @ Seahawks, Week 2 (Pro Football Focus)

Early Control of NFC West At Stake (AP)

49ers-Seahawks prediction (Cohn)