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49ers vs. Seahawks weather report: Checking Phil Dawson's three favorite sites for Sunday Night Football

The San Francisco 49ers face the Seattle Seahawks in Week 2 of the 2013 NFL season. With the help of Phil Dawson's three favorite websites, we take a look at the weather for Sunday Night Football in what could be a rainy Seattle evening. New to Niners Nation? Sign up here and join the discussion!

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The San Francisco 49ers travel to face the Seattle Seahawks Sunday evening at CenturyLink Field, and there is a pretty good chance the rain will be coming down early in the game. This is not exactly a shocker, given that Seattle gets so much rain, but it is worth noting given the potential impact on the game.

We're back once again with the Phil Dawson weather report! For those that don't remember (I'd imagine it's getting more and more, by the day), in August, Phil Dawson discussed how he checks the weather for each game, focusing on three of his favorite sites. The answer was part of discussion about the sometimes crazy winds at Candlestick Park, but it is obviously applicable to any inclement weather.

While it looks like we will see some rain in Seattle, it won't be like last December when it was raining and cold. The rain isn't particularly convenient, but temperatures in the 60s makes it manageable. The key will just be holding on to the ball. The turnover battle will be key, but it will be as much about the 49ers forcing turnovers as it is about holding on to the ball. The 49ers only lost the turnover battle 2-to-1 last year, with Mario Manningham fumbling the ball and Colin Kaepernick throwing an interception.

It wasn't like the Seahawks dominated that phase of the game. In fact, the Seahawks were leading 28-6 before the 49ers first turnover of the game. Well, I suppose the Seahawks blocking a field goal and running it back to go up 21-0 might count as a turnover, but you get my point. The 49ers lost this game because of reasons having little to do with turnovers. They were ineffective on offense for most of the game, and the Seahawks bulldozed their way over the 49ers. San Francisco cannot afford to start slow. The weather may slow down the speed elements of these two teams, but the 49ers have the weapons to move the ball in the elements.
Temp: 69 degrees, rain
Wind: SSW 9 mph
Rain: 70%
Temp: 71 degrees, mostly cloudy
Wind: SSW 6 mph
Rain: 43%
Temp: 69 degrees, rain
Wind: SW 14 mph
Rain: 67%