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49ers vs. Seahawks final score: Sloppy play dooms San Francisco

The San Francisco 49ers dropped an ugly 29-3 decision to the Seattle Seahawks, falling to 1-1. We take a quick look at the game. New to Niners Nation? Sign up here and join the discussion!

Jonathan Ferrey

The San Francisco 49ers went up to Seattle hoping to make a statement on Sunday Night Football, and instead, they are left wondering what went wrong following a 29-3 defeat to the Seahawks. To a certain extent, it is not complicated. The 49ers played incredibly undisciplined football, suffering double digit penalties, including several personal foul calls that could have easily been avoided. This was an embarrassment on so many different levels.

This loss can hang on virtually the entire team. The game plan appears to have been ill-conceived, and any execution was piss poor as well. I don't think one single person deserves the blame. The offense struggled most of the game, while the defense wore down and suffered from some stupid penalties. Feel free to blame players and/or coaches, but all in all it was very  poor across the board.

The most frustrating part of this loss was that the 49ers had numerous wasted opportunities in the first half. Both teams were struggling to do anything on offense, and the Seahawks didn't really get going until the second half. The 49ers offense simply could not get things going against the Seahawks defense, and they did not adjust until it was too late to matter.

The 49ers head back to San Francisco to get ready for the Indianapolis Colts. The Week 3 matchup features the return of Andrew Luck to the Bay Area, which is a storyline we will hear plenty of this week. I have to think that after the way this game went, Harbaugh will not put up with a whole lot of those questions.