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Golden Nuggets: Well, that sucked

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from around the web.

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Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning ladies and gents. I suppose most of you are still reeling from the loss to the Seattle Seahawks. Personally, I expected something similar to that. That is, I didn't expect the San Francisco 49ers to lose, but I expected both teams to look awful until later in the game, when one of them would eventually implode.

That team just happened to be the 49ers. Obviously, we can't write it off as a "fluke," because it was anything but. There were clear issues with the running game, secondary and play-calling that need to be remedied immediately. But that game was always going to be tough, and it was always going to be lucky.

Prepare to see Seattle ranked as the No. 1 team in power rankings. But understand that they are not. Onto the quick links for the day (it's getting late!)

Williams out for the season (Maiocco)

Williams' injury sends 49ers in search of a nose tackle (Barrows)

How big is the 49ers' fall/Seattle rise? Six games (beyond the Dec. 8 rematch) will tell us (Kawkami)

49ers need defensive line depth (ESPN)

Harbaugh: "I'm not disappointed in the way Colin played at all." (BA Sports Guy)

Second-most penalties in league have created troubling trend for 49ers (Inman)

ReFo: SF @ SEA, Week 2 (PFF)

Film review: Seahawks outsmart 49ers, Kaepernick's slow starts; d-line depth to be tested (Barrows)

Rough night for 49ers' offensive line (Maiocco)

Willis: Legal block leading to Williams' injury 'uncalled for' (Maiocco)

Report card: Pass offense dooms 49ers in 29-3 loss in Seattle (Inman)

Turnovers, penalties lead to another blowout loss in Seattle (Maiocco)

Pete Carroll: 'I'm a big ol' douche!' (Branch)

49ers show they are far from perfect(ESPN)

NFC West Report: Cardinals Win; Rams Lose (49ers)

Harbaugh Backs His Quarterback (49ers)