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Golden Nuggets: 49ers Injury Woes; Getting Ready for Andrew Luck

Thursday, September 19, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

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The buildup for the 49ers matchup against the Colts and the ever-obvious storyline of the Harbaugh - Luck reunion is now in full swing. There's a reunion-themed weekend for 49ers fans. Andy Reid is going back to Philadelphia where he led the team to infinite NFC Championship Games and zero titles....and he's bringing Alex Smith with him! Other than that, the schedule looks a bit dull, doesn't it?

We definitely need to bounce back, and we always do. The offensive line needs to get going. They did a decent job in pass protection against the Packers but have struggled to get things moving on the ground. We've got work to do, but we've got the most talented roster, top to bottom. I'm so ready to get that loss in the rearview mirror.


Andrew Luck Reunion

One angle that is flying surprisingly under the radar is that Coach Harbaugh coached Andrew Luck at Stanford. Harbaugh made the jump to the 49ers, it was assumed we'd continue to suck and might be in the running for Luck. Instead we went 13-3 and hosted the NFCCG. | Harbaugh waxes poetic on Luck, compares him to Ben Roethlisberger (BASG)

Everyone's all, like, Luck - Harbaugh, Harbaugh - Luck....what about Coby Fleener? Half of you wanted us to draft him. He's coming back to the Bay. So are some other alum. | Stanford Reunion: Harbaugh reflects on facing former players in Indianapolis (Gin)

And it's not just the players. Both of our coordinators also coached at Stanford under Harbaugh. | Luck prepares for reunion against former Stanford coaches and Kaepernick

A very interesting question Mr. Sports Guy. | If you had to choose one ... Colin Kaepernick or Andrew Luck? (contest post) (BASG)

Harbaugh sees similarities in two star QBs (ESPN)

It's not just ‘Luck:' Kaepernick praises Stanford product's intelligence (Inman)

Colts vs 49ers

The Colts traded their 2014 first-round pick for Browns RB Trent Richardson, the No. 3 pick in the 2012 draft behind the aforementioned Luck and RGIII. He's had mixed results as a professional and there are mixed review about the deal. People are saying that it shows the Colts are gearing up for a Super Bowl run. I'm thinking they have a while to go. You should first avoid needing a game-saving drive against the Raiders at home before you begin thinking about the Super Bowl. | Colts trade first round pick for RB Richardson before game vs. 49ers (Gin)

Watch new 49ers blogger Matt Williamson discuss Colin Kaepernick and his chances against the Colts. He had his finest game ever passing against the Packers only to follow it up with his worst performance of his young career. | NFL Nation Buzz: San Francisco 49ers (ESPN)

Frank Gore on facing Colts: ‘I don't care what they do. It's about us. We have to get better' (Inman)

Audio - Colts Coach Pagano Discusses Luck's Mobility (

Injury Issues

We went into the Seahawks game with only LaMichael James listed on the injury report and left the game with everyone but the water boy suffering from one ailment or another. | Kaepernick has foot injury; 49ers' starting defensive line dinged (Barrows)

It was a legal block, but it absolutely sucked. | Report: NFL not likely to ban low blocks by next season (PFT)

49ers practice report: Eric Reid present; four starters sit (Maiocco)

Injuries could be issue this week for 49ers (ESPN)

49ers Run Game

I don't care who's to blame, but it's gotta get fixed. I'm certain that it will, but back-to-back ineffective games will leave me wondering. | Bruce Miller on the 49ers' running woes: "It's not Frank." (BASG)

Stuck in Neutral: 49ers' vaunted ground game yet to get untracked (Branch)

Gore Remains Patient with Run Game (

Lingering Seahawks Stuff

Now this is just weird. At first it looks bad. Then you read the comments. A bizarre trip through the wild world of comments. | A 49ers fan sucker-punched a Seahawks fan/pacifist on Sunday (video) (BASG)

Who's to Blame for the Dismantling in Seattle? (49erswebzone)

Crabtree ready for Seahawks rematch? It sure seems possible (Barrows)

Other Stuff

People wondered (myself included) why we didn't go after a DT to replace Ian Williams' place on the roster. It looks like we have our replacement already on the team, which is what I love about our FO. | 49ers' confidence in Tony Jerod-Eddie leads to job for Owen Marecic (Maiocco)

Sometimes I do wish he'd just play football. Does anyone remember the Michael Jordan skit on Saturday Night Live where he reps feminine hygiene products and hardcore porn. Soon...very soon. | Next Kaepernick commercial: McDonald's, with Super Bowl counterpart Flacco (Inman)

QB Watch: 49ers' Colin Kaepernick (ESPN)

Chronicle letter to the editor asks NFL fans to quiet down (SF Gate)

49ers' Aldon Smith Responds to Lawsuit Over 2012 Shooting (NBC)

Being a Sheep

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