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Thursday Night Football open thread: Chefs Watch goes prime time!

We've got an open thread for Thursday Night Football, featuring Chiefs vs. Eagles. Chefs Watch! New to Niners Nation? Sign up here and join the discussion!

Micky Pain

Week 3 is upon us, which means it is time for Thursday Night Football. This week features a particularly interesting matchup as the Philadelphia Eagles host the Kansas City Chiefs. That's right, Chefs Watch goes prime time!

The Chiefs come to town at 2-0 and playing some very solid football. They face a 1-1 Eagles squad with an explosive offense and a fairly abysmal defense. The Eagles will want to set the tempo on offense, but this Chiefs defense is pretty solid. This is the first significant test of that Chip Kelly offense. And of course, you know the Chiefs will want to control time of possession and keep the Eagles offense off the field.

Where this gets really is that Andy Reid is returning to Philadelphia, on the same night the team is retiring Donovan McNabb's number. Who gets booed? Who gets cheered? This is a baffling reunion. It's like a sort of anti-Harbaugh/Luck sort of thing.