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49ers make official Chris Harper signing, Cam Johnson trade, practice squad signings

The 49ers made several signings official, including the addition of Chris Harper, the signing of seven players to the practice squad, and the trade of Cam Johnson.

Otto Greule Jr

The San Francisco 49ers were busy today, as they officially announced several transactions. We knew about the transactions over the last couple days, but the 49ers wait until all the t's are crossed and i's are dotted before announcing them.

The 49ers made official the signing of wide receiver Chris Harper to a three year contract, and the trade of outside linebacker Cam Johnson to the Indianapolis Colts for an "undisclosed draft choice". We of course already know it is a seventh round pick. The 49ers also announced the first seven members of their practice squad:

OT Carter Bykowski
RB Jewel Hampton
WR Chuck Jacobs
CB Darryl Morris
G Patrick Omameh
NT Mike Purcell
S Mike Thomas

The 49ers will continue to provide information on transactions throughout the season. In order to better assist people with knowing what's going on with the team, I've created a new hub page called "49ers Transactions". You can keep an eye on this hub by bookmarking it, but I have also added it to the front page layout. The top stories usually in the standard three-layout are the "cover", and then the remaining stories are in what is called "the river". The transactions hub is currently the fourth slot down in the river. I will generally try and keep it at around that spot in the river.

Given how much content we produce here at Niners Nation, a transactions hub seem like an easy way for people to keep up on the nuts and bolts of the roster. That hub will generally only contain official transaction information. So, using today's transactions as an example, the two posts I had about Chris Harper, as well as the Cam Johnson post would not be found in the transactions hub.

When I get a press release from the 49ers, or I see an official transaction int the NFL's daily transaction log, only then will I attach the "49ers transactions" hub. That way, if a transaction ends up not going down at the last minute, there isn't a lot of confusion in the hub. That also means, I will post a little something about every single roster move, no matter how small. That is generally what we have done, but this is just a new organizational tool. Enjoy!