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Golden Nuggets: Bring on Trent Richardson

Friday, September 20th, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers link from around the internet.

Jason Miller

The San Francisco 49ers are 1-1. The Kansas City Chiefs are 3-0. Clearly, the 49ers should not have traded quarterback Alex Smith. He certainly wouldn't have thrown three interceptions against the Seattle Seahawks! What a fraud organization this is.

I wonder how many people will read that and angrily respond without realizing that I'm obviously joking. It's rough being 1-1 (oh how far we've come to be able to say that), but before the season, seeing the Green Bay Packers and then the Seahawks, I always knew the chances of 1-1 were much higher than 2-0.

In related news, go Chiefs! I'm rooting for Smith, because I always liked him and also because, you know, the 49ers get a second round pick if he leads them to another five wins this season. Five more wins, Alex. You can do it! Anyway, onto the links for the day.

Chiefs' third win gets 49ers closer to a second (Branch)

49ers injury report: Vernon Davis, Ray McDonald still sidelined (Maiocco)

RB James returns to practice, three weeks after knee sprain (Inman)

Eric Reid expects to play Sunday, isn't sure how hitting Sidney Rice gave him a concussion (BA Sports Guy)

Fangio, 49ers not counting on rookie lineman (Barrows)

49ers expect to see healthy dose of Richardson (Maiocco)

Rebound week features 'the same Kap to me' (Inman)

Way too much talk about Trent Richardson today in Santa Clara (BA Sports Guy)

49ers could take advantage of the Colts coordinators (Lynch)

Miller's play time increases with Walker gone (Maiocco)

Reid on pace to play in Sundays game (Maiocco)

Niners Hope to Get Ground Game Off and Running (NBC Bay Area)

Infographic: 49ers vs. Colts Preview (49ers)