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Aldon Smith booked for DUI, possession of marijuana

We break down the latest update on Aldon Smith, as he was officially booked for DUI and possession of marijuana. New to Niners Nation? Sign up here and join the discussion!

Brian Bahr

The Aldon Smith situation is continuing to develop, and the latest bit of news comes courtesy of Cam Inman and the San Jose Mercury News. According to Inman, when the police searched Aldon's car, they found marijuana and pills. There is no word on what the pills were. The Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office tweeted that he was booked for DUI and possession of marijuana. Inman reported Aldon blew a .15 on the BAC test.

According to the Merc, Aldon actually has a prescription for medical marijuana. My only guess is he did not have said prescription available at the time of arrest. Cam Inman has since tweeted he did not have a prescription in the car with him (obviously, given the charge). I'm not really sure at this point if he has a prescription and didn't have it on hand, or if he just does not have a prescription. There is a lot happening with this.

This would mark his second arrest for suspicion of DUI. He was arrested in 2012, and that was eventually downgraded to reckless driving because Aldon went through a first time offender program. This second alcohol-related arrest (with potential drug implications) moves him further along the NFL's substance abuse program, and likely means a suspension at some point. The context of the night could change that, but odds seem pretty good he will face a league-mandated suspension.

Matt Maiocco made a good point on Twitter that when Demarcus Dobbs had his DUI on a Friday last year, he did not join the team in St. Louis that weekend. He eventually served a one-game suspension two weeks ago, but he also had that deactivation. We don't know exactly what the 49ers or the NFL have planned, but odds seem good for some kind of discipline.

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