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Aldon Smith DUI arrest open thread

One more open thread for Aldon Smith's DUI.

Jeff Gross

I'm stepping out for most of the evening, so I figured I would open up one more thread for Aldon Smith discussion. The latest news comes from Bay Area Sports Guy, who has a source that told him Aldon Smith and Anthony Dixon were out partying at a San Francisco night club last night.

The fact that they were partying really doesn't matter...until someone gets busted for a DUI. These are grown men, and they can do what they want within the limits of the law. When you apparently break the law, that changes things a bit. Suddenly you are open to much more scrutiny. And when it's your second instance of an alcohol-related arrest, even more so. And considering Anthony Dixon appeared to get home ok, I don't know what else to say.

If any new information breaks tonight, feel free to drop it in the comments. Hopefully this mess gets sorted out and in the rear view mirror sooner rather than later.