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Golden Nuggets: Orange is the New Red?

Saturday, September 21st, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the internet.

It may be time for Aldon Smith to ask for help, from any source he can get it.
It may be time for Aldon Smith to ask for help, from any source he can get it.

All About Aldon

I suppose the number one question in many 49ers' fans minds now is, "What was Aldon thinking?".

Maybe a better question to ask is, "Was Aldon thinking at all?".

It's safe to say that for the good of the team, the only uniform we ever want to see Aldon Smith wearing is 49ers red and gold and the only number we ever want to see with his mugshot (BASG) is #99. Smith was released on bail (ESPN) and was able to join his teammates for practice later the same day. From what Jim Harbaugh has said, it appears that any discipline will not come from the team (Maiocco) but from the NFL offices. There has been obvious comparison (Williamson) with the situation of Denver's Von Miller, but hopefully team leaders will be able to reign him in. Teammates, namely Carlos Rogers, have talked to Aldon (Branch) about his behavior and hope that he listens before  things escalate to the point of derailing his career.

Vernon vs. Vontae

Vernon Davis is officially listed as questionable (Inman) along with S Eric Reid, RB LaMichael James and DT Ray McDonald. On the line is Davis' 93 consecutive games played streak (Branch) but he said that he has every intention of playing and is merely awaiting official clearance from team doctors. But even more than the streak is the chance to take the field against his younger brother (Barrows) Vontae Davis who plays CB for the Indianapolis Colts.

49ers vs Colts

Even with all of the distractions and the Niners defense banged up (FOX), there is still a game tomorrow so let's take a look at some of the previews:

Double Coverage: Colts vs 49ers (ESPN)

Colts vs. 49ers (Sports Illustrated)

Indianapolis vs. San Francisco (NFL)

Top 10 Spotlight: 49ers vs. Colts (49ers)

It Just Won't Die

It seems like the repercussions of the tragedy in Century Link Field refuse to die. Both Dontae Whitner and Anthony Davis are facing fines for different reasons (CSN). The injury suffered by Ian Williams is getting continued chatter that the rules on linemen safety (King) should be reviewed.


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