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Niners Nation #Channel49 Twitter Q&A Mailbag, Week Three: Colts vs 49ers and more

Every Friday at 2 P.M. PT, Aaron Malone and I have our #Channel49 Q&A on Twitter. We talk all things 49ers and fun usually ensues. This week the Seahawks game was still a hot topic, as was the upcoming game against the Colts.

It will be good to be back where there's a sea of red.
It will be good to be back where there's a sea of red.
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We're back for another week of the #Channel49 Twitter Q&A. The chat starts at 2 p.m. PT, which happened to be right in the middle of all the Aldon Smith news. We had plenty of tweets about it, but we tried to spread the discussion beyond just Aldon's situation. After all, there is so much more going on heading into this weekend's game. Thanks to everyone for their tweets.

The next game against Seattle is week 14, which is December 8th. That is right around the time Crabtree is projected to be back. As long as there are no setbacks in the rehab process I expect him to be back for the game. The reason the 49ers didn't use big and tall receivers against the physical Seahawks cornerbacks is because the 49ers don't have many tall receiving options. The tallest right now as a gameday active is Anquan Boldin, at 6'1. Jonathan Baldwin is the tallest receiver on the 49ers roster, at 6'4, but he wasn't active for the game. Baldwin will know the offense well enough by week 14, and will likely be a gameday active then.

It's hard to do exactly what you wanted to going into a game when you're losing and your running game isn't giving you any yards. The gameplan was initially to run the ball, but the 49ers had no success doing so. The best adjustment could have been been to throw more receivers at the Seahawks secondary, and go after their depth. It would have been nice to see more three wide sets, with Vernon still in, and Frank staying in to block. It was just a night to forget and time to move on.

If we see more of Corey Lemonier or Dan Skuta, it will eat into Ahmad Brooks snaps, not Aldon's. Brooks is a damn good linebacker, but Aldon has the potential to make a big sack each and every play, which means he's going to be in the game for almost every snap. And in case you missed it, Jim Harbaugh said Aldon will play against the Colts.

Now that the Colts have Trent Richardson, a top ten back in the NFL, a key is most definitely stopping him. Although Richardson's knowledge of the Colts playbook is limited, he still should see around 14 carries, give or take.

The 49ers also need to put pressure on Andrew Luck. The Colts offensive line is not a strength of theirs and struggle to keep a clean pocket for Andrew Luck to operate in, and I fully expect the 49ers to go after Luck. Luck has been sacked seven times already, and if he wasn't mobile, that number would be higher.

A key from a psychological standpoint is getting the running game going. Frank Gore needs to have a productive week, and the offensive line needs to ensure he does. The 49ers can beat the Colts through the air, but for long term success this season, the run game must start improving, and it starts this week.

It will also be nice to be back at Candlestick Park in front of the home crowd. After a game in such a hostile environment, the 49ers players will be fueled in part by the support of the 49er faithful.

Going forward you will see a more decisive Kap. Week one against the Packers he didn't run much, and that was because the Packers weren't allowing him to. Against the Seahawks, Kap was just off his game and his instincts were a little off. I expect him to have some opportunities to run this week, and he'll take them when he gets the chance. The coaching staff doesn't want to coach his instincts, that would be counterproductive.

Coach Harbaugh just wants to make sure scrambling is option number two for Kap, if you can win by throwing the football, do that first. There's no need to risk injury by running the ball if you're able to sit in the pocket and pick a defense a part. I know scrambling quarterbacks are fun to watch, but as long as the 49ers offense is moving the chains and putting up points, it really doesn't matter what approach Kap uses. Follow me on Twitter: @Woods49ers