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49ers, Seahawks, Colts: 7 on 7

With so many random topics to cover, here are seven thoughts on last week's Seahawks game, and seven thoughts on this week's Colts game.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

When I sat down to write an article for this week I had a few false starts. Each topic, I felt, deserved some discussion, but none of them really seemed to fill out a whole article. I could not seem to put down more than a paragraph on each. So, I thought, "what the heck, mush pot!"

7 things on the Seattle game

1. OMG thank you Vance McDonald. On a day that I would love to forget, you gave me a highlight I will probably relish for years to come. The Niners were down 1 million to zero at that point in the game and you managed to snag your first pass of the day. What you did next will not show up on the stat sheet. You turned, lowered your shoulder, and TRUCKED Richard Sherman. It was beautiful, sensational, magical moment that will cherish forever. In all honesty, I like Richard Sherman. I like the swagger and the trash talking. Above all, I like the fact that he plays the villain to perfection. He is like a classic WWE bad guy in his ability to turn a crowd hostile with just a look or a gesture. He's our Iron Sheik and Hollywood Vance McDonald just suplexed him off the top rope.*

2. I have noticed a few letters written by people claiming to be 49ers "fans" complaining about the crowd noise at CenturyLink Field last Sunday night and stating that the NFL should make rules to limit this. The people writing these letters should be banned from ever attending a live sporting even for the rest of their lives. Crowd participation is what makes the live experience better and enhances the home viewing experience. If you think that the NFL should limit crowd noise then stop reading this article and go away. I don't like you.

3. I did not like the play calling inside the red zone (all two times they got there). Call this "Super Bowl hangover," but the red zone play calling appeared to lack creativity and execution. This team has too many weapons to look that bad in those situations...against any defense.

4. Oh God Vernon, be healthy!

5. Seattle is scary good at home. I really don't think anyone, besides the Seahawks, will win there this season. Lucky for us Seattle seems to lose focus on the road. On a semi-related note: Ron Rivera is the Panthers Mike Singletary.

6. 79 days until the Niners get another shot at the Seahawks in a game that will have HUGE playoff implications. Our road to the Super Bowl becomes friendlier if it doesn't pass back through Seattle.

7. I would like to take this point in the list to apologize to my upstairs neighbors for my vocabulary last weekend.

7 things on the game ahead

1. I hate to get serious about anything but Aldon Smith is young man in need of help. Being forced to look at yourself in the mirror and achieve some revelation is an immensely difficult task, even more so, I feel, for athletes and celebrities who live in a bubble. I can only hope that this incident forces Smith to change something, anything to prevent these legal issues from becoming a tragedy.

2. I am really looking forward to the Luck vs. Harbaugh match up. I grew up in Palo Alto, going to Stanford football games, and I got to watch these two guys work together a few years ago. There's no real drama to the match-up but it will be fun watching Luke Skywalker take on Yoda.

3. The injury list this week makes me sweaty. Pundits seemed to talk a lot about this team's roster depth but I don't see it. I hope they prove me wrong this week.

4. The Richardson trade blew my mind! Call this the first move in the "Teddy Bridgewater Sweepstakes." I don't see the Colts new running back making a significant impact this week. Also, fantasy owners of Ahmad Bradshaw: LOL

5. Fantasy Turd Nugget: Last week my team scored 59 points in a league where the average weekly score is about 110. I started Brent Celek who got 0 and Anquan Boldin who got 1. Not to mention, my studs, like Doug Martin and a gimpy Larry Fitzgerald had below average days. What does this all mean to you? Nothing, I just want to complain about it. I've finished at the bottom of the standings in my league 2 years in a row and it is becoming embarrassing. So I am looking forward to bouncing back this week and picking up a much needed win, just like the Niners...S*%&! I started Dwayne Bowe this week.

6. The Colts are a fun team to watch. Not because they have a crazy offense like the Eagles or a freakish star player like Adrian Peterson, but because you can feel something building. The Colts are slowly putting together the pieces of a very, very good football team. The 49ers will most likely win on Sunday and they definitely should win, but 2 years from now this might be a game with a much higher profile.

7. Colin Kaepernick had a rough game last week, but do not expect any carry over. The way I see the season shaking out is you have the 49ers and Seahwaks as 1a and 1b. Which team is in which spot will jump around all year before the dust finally clears on January 19th. I think Kap might be one of the more self-aware star athletes out there. He must have known that going into Seattle and coming out with a win was a monumental task (I hope Russell Wilson feels the same way about coming to Candlestick). So look for him to bounce back and torch a soft secondary. The drive this young man has is scary.

Happy viewing on Sunday, Go Niners!

*This is the second pro-wrestling reference in as many articles. I don't even like pro-wrestling, so I don't know why this is happening. I'm worried I can't control it.