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49ers vs. Colts second quarter game thread

Here's your second quarter game thread for the 49ers-Colts game.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

San Francisco opened the game with multiple penalties, though one of them was total nonsense. Donte Whitner did not lead with his helmet on the unnecessary roughness call, which is a huge problem in the NFL right now. These plays need to be reviewable.

But after that, Tarell Brown made a bone-headed play and gave them another first down due to a pass interference penalty. From there, multiple first downs led to the Colts taking an early lead. Naturally, the 49ers screwed up the next possession and had to immediately punt.

Fortunately, the 49ers got their [site decorum] together, remembered that they have Frank Gore, and put together a scoring drive nearer the end of the quarter. We also got see Kendall Hunter and Colin Kaepernick combine for one of the best sells on a draw play I've ever seen.

Colts have the ball at the time of posting but probably punting.

Here's your second quarter gamethread, which will carry us through halftime.  Hopefully, the 49ers pick it up.