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49ers vs. Rams odds: San Francisco sits as three point favorite

The 49ers and Rams square off on Week 3 Thursday Night Football. We take a look at the early odds on the game. New to Niners Nation? Sign up here and join the discussion!

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers head to St. Louis for Thursday Night Football, and for now, they are sitting as three point favorites over the Rams. It is interesting to note the 49ers opened at -3.5, but the line has quickly dropped half a point.

I don't expect a significant change in the line, but I'm a little surprised it isn't coming down a bit more. People may think last week's ugly Rams loss means they are the tonic to soothe the 49ers woes, but the 49ers woes run pretty deep (no irony on the "run" part of it!).

Although the 49ers had their troubles against the Rams last season, the Rams are scuffling a bit themselves heading into this game. After a comeback win over the Arizona Cardinals, the Rams lost a heart-breaker to the Atlanta Falcons, and then were destroyed by the Dallas Cowboys. In all three games, the Rams put themselves in an early hole. They were down 11 to the Cardinals in the third quarter, they fell behind 24-3 in the first half to the Falcons, and they trailed 24-0 to the Cowboys. In the first two games they did some decent to good comeback work, but against Dallas, the Rams could get nothing going.

We'll have plenty of cross-site discussion about the Rams, but for now, I recommend checking out a pair of articles over at Turf Show Times. The first is about the Rams identity crisis, while the second is about the team's struggle running the ball. Both provide some interesting perspective on a team with their own sets of issues.

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