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Golden Nuggets: Aldon Smith to Rehab; More Fallout from Colts Loss

Tuesday, September 24, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

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This is my first chance to write since the blowout loss to the Colts and I'm at a loss. This is not the team we've seen over the last two years. That can be fixed. We have the same talent that got us to the verge of the ultimate prize. And as we've seen in recent years, all we have to do is make the playoffs and get hot. Both the Packers and Giants have won Super Bowls from farther down the playoff ladder. It will be OK. But it sure hasn't been pretty to watch.

There are a ton of links and the beat writers say it better than I could....LINKS!!!

Aldon Smith

So disappointed in Aldon Smith right now. The details from his DUI are shockingly bad. We can only wish him the best of luck right now and hope that he gets better. Jared Allen faced a similar situation and came back stronger than ever, which would be best for both Aldon and the team. | Aldon Smith reportedly flying to a rehab facility (BASG)

Peter King's MMQB has a big lead in on Aldon Smith and some more thoughts on the 49ers. | Strange Days Are Ruling the Season's Start (MMQB)

On Aldon Smith, addiction and the long road to recovery (BASG)

How do 49ers replace Aldon Smith? (Williamson)

Harbaugh Speaks

My two biggest concerns going into camp were wide receiver and cornerback. I became more confident in both groupings after the preseason but it looks like I was wrong. Jon Baldwin may help out. | Harbaugh offers few answers, hints at Jon Baldwin's 49ers debut (Barrows)

Harbaugh had a lot to say about the state of the team. Well, he had a lot to answer for. Tim Kawakami gives us the transcript. | Jim Harbaugh on Aldon Smith, Kaepernick's struggles, and the 49ers at 1-2: "Football is not easy-there are struggles" (Kawakami)

Harbaugh reiterates support of Aldon Smith, talks of team's ability to ‘whip' adversity in face (Inman)

Harbaugh: 49ers offense lacking precision (Williamson)

Fallout from the Colts Game

Do you really want to read what PFF had to say about the game? It's not pretty and there's not much love to spread around after we stank it up. | ReFo: IND @ SF, Week 3 (PFF)

The last thing we want to see right now, but can you blame Frank Gore? | Frank Gore angry at San Francisco 49ers' Jim Harbaugh (NFL)

What's most baffling about Colin Kaepernick's play in the last two games is that it followed his best passing performance of his career in Week 1 against Green Bay. | Film review: Woes are largely on offense; Kaepernick's slow starts (Barrows)

49ers vs. Colts Film Review: Where was the offense? (Gin)

49ers defensive grades vs. Colts in Week 3 (Gin)

Day-after notes: Aldon Smith's potential replacements, WR issues (Inman)

Infographic: Week 3 Recap (

Week 3 Rewind: 49ers lose to Colts, and their 2012 MVP (Maiocco)


It seems likely that we'll be missing Patrick Willis on Thursday against the Rams. He's getting an MRI on his groin and the short week makes recovery a difficult task. | Willis scheduled for MRI on groin (Maiocco)

It may actually save space to write up an uninjured report. Less people on it. Hopefully we survive this Rams game and have the half-bye to get healthy. | Injury report full as 49ers start preparing for St. Louis (Barrows)

Slow Start Stories (Yes there are enough for a header)

As we know, the NFC is no cakewalk. There's not much margin for error around here. Playing at St Louis is never easy but we need to get the win there. Then the schedule starts to ease up a bit and we should be able to pad the win column. A loss against the Rams, however... | Niners Need to Rebound Quickly, or Season Could Slip Away (NBC)

After 1-2 start, 49ers' Super Bowl odds rise to 12-1 (BASG)

Back-to-back 49ers' losses evoke memories of pre-Singletary regimes (Branch)

What's wrong with the San Francisco 49ers? (

Other News

More noise about our poor wide receiver play. Who do people think is the answer? | The Let Down Out Wide (Biderman)

Well if Cleveland's going to have a fire sale. | 49ers need receivers, Browns have Josh Gordon ... (BASG)

Is outside receiver help answer for 49ers? (Williamson)

NFC West Report: Rams, Cards Fall to 1-2 (

How do Baldwin, James fit into 49ers' offense? (Maiocco)

Being a Sheep

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