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NFL picks against the spread, Week 4: 49ers, Rams looking at an ugly one

We break down NFL picks for Week 4 of the 2013 season, including a look at 49ers-Rams. New to Niners Nation? Sign up here and join the discussion!


We're back for another week of picks. I improved a little bit in Week 3, putting together an 8-7-1 record against the spread. It wasn't exactly an inspiring effort, but it was better than a kick in the pants, I suppose.

The 49ers head to St. Louis for Thursday Night Football this week. The 49ers and Rams are both scuffling, and with a short week, I really do think we're in line for a fairly ugly game. I do think the 49ers can win this game, although given the last two week's performances, and the Rams semi-sort-of ownage of the 49ers in 2012, my confidence level is pretty low. I'm in a pick 'em league where we make picks straight up, but you provide confidence points for each pick, using 1 through 16 (or 15, in the case of this week with two teams on bye). I'm fairly certain 49ers-Rams is getting some looooow confidence points.

Speaking of wagering (never encouraged here because we are as pure as the driven snow, and gambling is baaaad), I do think the under is worth a look. The over/under is set at 42 on many sites, with a couple at 44. I would take under on either, as I see some kind of 20-17 kind of score. Thursday Night Football is usually a slogging affair, and this matchup does not really set up much different in my eyes. I'd love to see a glorious effort from the 49ers, but there is nothing that really inspires that in me at this point.

Once again, James, Raiders writer, and I are back with our picks against the spread. I was 8-7-1 last week, while James was a robust 6-10-0.

Games Spread Fooch James
49ers @ Rams SF -3.5 49ers cover 49ers cover
Ravens @ Bills Bal -3.5 Ravens cover Ravens cover
Bengals @ Browns Cin -5 Bengals cover Bengals cover
Bears @ Lions Det -3 Bears win outright Bears win outright
Seahawks @ Texans Sea -3 Texans win outright Seahawks cover
Colts @ Jaguars Ind -9 Colts cover Colts cover
Giants @ Chiefs KC -5 Chiefs cover Chiefs cover
Steelers @ Vikings Pit -1.5 Steelers cover Vikings cover
Cardinals @ Bucs TB -2.5 Bucs cover Cardinals win outright
Jets @ Titans Ten -4 Titans cover Jets cover
Eagles @ Broncos Den -11 Broncos cover Broncos cover
Washington @ Raiders Was -3 Raiders win outright Raiders win outright
Cowboys @ Chargers Dal -2 Chargers win outright Cowboys cover
Patriots @ Falcons Atl -2 Falcons cover Falcons cover
Dolphins @ Saints NO -7 Dolphins cover, Saints win Saints cover
TOTAL 14-16-2 16-15-1

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