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49ers vs. Rams final score: Are the 49ers "back", just stopping the bleeding, or somewhere in between?

The 49ers handily defeated the St. Louis Rams 35-11, ending their two-game losing streak. In light of the big win, are the 49ers "back"? New to Niners Nation? Sign up here and join the discussion!

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

I suppose this is a little bit reactionary, but the big question coming out of Thursday's beating of the Rams is whether or not the 49ers are "back" where they want to be. I went into this game just hoping the 49ers could stop the bleeding temporarily. I don't know that I would say the 49ers are "back", but they did a lot more than just stop the bleeding.

The big key for the 49ers was getting back to their bigger power formations. The 49ers greatest success has been when they can run OR pass out of those formations. The 49ers did a great job of that on Thursday, as we saw them absolutely bulldoze the Rams defensive front. The Rams did very few things right on Thursday, but we cannot forget that they have a very talented defensive line. The 49ers ran through and around that line with a relative amount of ease.

That helped set up the passing game. The 49ers did not have to take deep shots, as the strong run game softened up the middle of the field. And come the second and third quarter, Kap made the Rams respect the pass as well. The passing game was quiet in the first and fourth quarters, but during the 49ers scoring binge, Kap was making plays.

The 49ers do not need Kap going out there throwing for 300+ yards and scrambling for 100+ yards. It's always welcome, but the 49ers can win plenty of games with him just having a general solid day, and letting the ground game take over. Make them respect the pass, and then run it down their throats. The 49ers formula for success on offense really isn't that complicated.

They key now will be building consistency in the coming weeks. I don't think anybody can realistically say "the 49ers are back" after one game against a team that is really not that good right now. It was a strong performance, and one to build on, but as always, the key is consistency. With the Houston Texans coming to town next week, we'll find out just what this team can put together against a well put together offense and defense.