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Golden Nuggets: Gore-ing the Rams

Saturday, September 28, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from around the Internet.

Frank Gore provided the winning recipe for the 49ers to get back to winning.
Frank Gore provided the winning recipe for the 49ers to get back to winning.
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

It didn't have to be pretty. It didn't have to answer all the questions. It didn't even have to be against the strongest of opponents, but it did have to be solid and it did have to be a WIN. That is exactly what Frank Gore provided when he led the 49ers back to doing what they do best, smash-mouth-football. NaVorro Bowman was Frank's mirror on the defensive end, being the hard place to Gore's rock and caught in between were the St. Louis Rams.


219 to 18.

That is the total number of rushing yards for both teams last Thursday and the only numbers you really need to tell you the story of that game. Yes there is definitely much to be analyzed (from Colin Kaepernick's performance, to how good the Rams really are, to the effects of injuries, and the multiple times the offense seemed to have crossed the line into the Bermuda Triangle). But again 219 to 18. That is a beat-down that I will happily take to the bank every week for the rest of the season. That, ladies and gentlemen, is 49ers football. And if you don't want to take my word for it, how about letting the numbers tell the story (ESPN Stats)?

Back in the saddle again

After a satisfying win, it's only natural to ask if this is the righting of the ship or just a momentary blip? | Have 49ers found themselves? (ESPN)

Was the two game losing streak a disappearing act for the 49ers or we're they there all along? | Deliberating the Niners (Grantland)

Optimists see the silver lining, but there are still many who can't take their eyes off the dark clouds. Greg Bedard is still calling out the team after their win against the Rams. | No Win-Win Situation (MMQB/SI)

I'll let Jim Harbaugh introduce this next link:

"You want that response, I thought the team stared adversity in the face (with) a lot of grit and determination. The guys played with great energy and great toughness."

Responding to Adversity (Scout)

Bill Williams looks at 4 issues we can take from last Thursday's game. | Upon Further Review: San Francisco 49ers (ESPN)

The infamous Infographic for all of you who believe that graphic novels are the pinnacle of literature | Infographic: 49ers at Rams Recap (49ers)

Live from SF, it's Jim Harbaugh!

Jim Harbaugh would be perfect for SNL's Weekend Update. Gives information in a deadpan manner but it doesn't take long before he starts cracking you up. | Jim Harbaugh provides injury updates, plus insight on bird watching, Hematology and Twitter (BASG)

Here's a more detailed transcript of Harbaugh's latest presser | Coach's Notebook: Sept. 27 (49ers)

Harbaugh on how Colin Kaepernick motivates himself | Harbaugh: It's ok for Kaepernick to give in to the Dark Side (Barrows)

This is from a while back but I felt it appropriate to resurrect it here. Thanks to  El Shorts for the link | More than a fad: The tweets of Jim Harbaugh (SF Gate)

General updates on Patton

When the team traded for Anquan Boldin, drafted a WR and a TE, and the return of Kyle Williams and Mario Manningham were on target, it finally looked like that the team had depth at the receiver position. It didn't take long for all of that to disappear.

Quinton Patton to 'miss some time' with fractured foot (NFL)

Patton's injury opens door for Baldwin (Williamson)

Around the league

The NFL further clarifies the mistake officials made when they flagged Donte Whitner for what was really a legal hit. | NFL officials go 0-for-2 enforcing new "crown of helmet" rule (PFT/NBC)

With all of the recent injuries, here's a list of players still mucking about the unemployment line. | Who's still out there? (Yahoo)


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