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NFL TV schedule, Week 4: What will you be watching on a 49ers day off?

We take a look at the TV schedule for Week 4 of the 2013 NFL season. With the 49ers finished for the week, there will be plenty of football to watch.


The San Francisco 49ers will have Sunday off as they recover from Thursday Night Football. That means 49ers fans get a chance to relax and watch Sunday football without too much anxiety. Or, maybe you end up taking care of errands and just catching a little football when you get some time. Either way, it will hopefully be a relaxing Sunday for 49ers fans.

FOX would appear to have the better slate of games for today. The FOX AM session includes the 3-0 Bears taking on the 2-1 Lions, and the 3-0 Seahawks at the 2-1 Texans. For the AM session, it looks like a sizable chunk of America, including the Bay Area, will get the Seahawks-Texans (per Out here in the DC area, we'll be getting the Giants vs. the Chiefs. Chefs Watch continues in glory!

The CBS AM schedule includes the 2-1 Ravens at the 1-2 Bills. I actually think that could be a fun game to watch. The 2-1 Bengals travel to face the 1-2 Browns in a pretty important early season AFC North matchup. The Bengals are looking solid, and while the Browns appear set to completely torch their season, that defense has the players to keep them in games.

Much of America will get Steelers vs. Vikings, which is the first of two London games this season. If you want to see the stadium where the 49ers and Jaguars will play in a few weeks, check this game out. Wembley Stadium is an amazing facility.

The afternoon schedule features a few interesting matchups. The Eagles travel to face the Broncos in a game the Broncos should win. The Eagles can put up points, but their defense struggles to the point where the Broncos very well could put up 50 on Philly.

What games will you be watching today? Here is a rundown of the games on each network:


(3-0) Bears at (2-1) Lions
(3-0) Seahawks at (2-1) Texans
(0-3) Giants at (3-0) Chiefs
(1-2) Cardinals at (0-3) Buccaneers
(1-2) Eagles at (3-0) Broncos
(0-3) Redskins at (1-2) Raiders
(2-1) Cowboys at (1-2) Chargers


(2-1) Ravens at (1-2) Bills
(2-1) Bengals at (1-2) Browns
(2-1) Colts at (0-3) Jaguars
(0-3) Steelers at (0-3) Vikings
(2-1) Jets at (2-1) Titans


(3-0) Patriots at (1-2) Falcons