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49ers vs. Packers 2013: Welcome to game week!

We have reached game week! The San Francisco 49ers host the Green Bay Packers in a matchup of potential playoff opponents. We take an early look at the game, along with our first movie poster of the week!

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Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports (photoshop - Mickey Pain)

We made it!

After what seemed to be an interminable offseason, we have finally made it to the 2013 season. The preseason is a fine appetizer, but we are finally at the points where the games truly matter. In five days, the San Francisco 49ers open their 2013 campaign as they looked to return and this time WIN the Super Bowl.

The 49ers open their season once again facing the Green Bay Packers in front of the nation as the FOX Game of the Week. While plenty have their issues with the team of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, getting them means national coverage, and I can live with that!

The 49ers and Packers are among the favorites to emerge from the NFC this year. The 49ers return much of the lineup that got them to the Super Bowl, with significant re-tooling at wide receiver and free safety. Add in considerable defensive depth, and I strongly feel it is fair to be optimistic about the 2013 San Francisco 49ers.

The Green Bay Packers have re-tooled an inconsistent rushing attack, drafting running backs Eddie Lacy and Johnathan Franklin in the 2013 NFL Draft. It remains to be seen how much they will be used given Aaron Rodgers' presence, but this could add a significant facet to an already potent Packers attack.

If you haven't activated your account at Acme Packing Company, make sure and do it. We'll have all sorts of interaction with them this week. The first exchange will be based at NN, but I'll also be dropping some of their content in our layout. It should be a fun week.

I spoke with user Mickey Pain about some photoshop options each week, and we've decided to go with movie posters to represent the matchups each week. This first one was an easy one after what Colin Kaepernick did to the Green Bay Packers defense. Catch him if you can, indeed! Feel free to pick up the movie over at

We'll be using this movie poster at different times throughout the week when discussing the matchup. It will also be the image for our first game thread on Sunday. Speaking of which, we're trying to figure out what might work best for next week's showdown with the Seattle Seahawks, and would love some feedback. Some early suggestions included Sleepless in Seattle, War Games, Surviving the Game, Harry and the Hendersons (Seattle-based film), Behind Enemy Lines, Black Hawk Down and Mission Impossible. Any suggestions for what Mickey could put together in the form of a movie poster?