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Golden Nuggets: Kyle Williams Ready; 49ers Are Favorites

Wednesday, September 4, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

There was a ton of news yesterday. There were some personnel moves, some quotes and a bunch of other stuff. I'm running late and I think the comments in front of the links flesh the piece out enough.


Packers vs 49ers

Oh, Clay Matthews iiiiiiiiii, it's not that easy. I mean, we're going to hit Aaron Rodgers, with sacks, you know....legally. You, on the other hand, have to get by Joe Staley who pOwned you last time out. | LB Matthews on Packers' strategy: ‘You have to take your shots on the QB' (Branch)

Here's the official depth chart for the game. If you click on the link to the chart, they have a legend at the bottom explaining cryptic symbols like what QB stands for. Thanks Robert 'Freakin' Langdon. I'm trying to imagine how someone so uninterested in the game of football that they don't know what QB stands for ends up on a Week 1 depth chart page. | 49ers Release Week 1 Depth Chart (

Scott Tolzien better not! | Dilfer: Ex-49ers QB Tolzien could give Packers assist (Branch)

Jordy Nelson is good to go for Week One (PFT)

Unofficially, Boldin and Williams listed as 49ers starting WRs (Maiocco)

Harbaugh Previews Packers Matchup (

49ers to Protect 'Kap' from 'Pack' (

Kyle Williams / Wide Receivers

BASG talks about Kyle Williams' reception against the Bears, Kaepernick's first game as a starter, where CK lofted a beautiful pass 33-yards downfield hitting Williams in stride. I'd love to see them make that same magic happen again. He's got a link to the replay if you want to relive it. I suggest you do, just to get ready for some football. | Kyle Williams can't wait to pick up where he left off with Colin Kaepernick (BASG)

Matt Maiocco discusses wide receiver by committee. His Three & Out video is included. Did you know Chris Harper was the highest draft choice not to make his teams roster? Is that good or bad? | 49ers wide receivers: Boldin and a committee (Maiocco)

Williams ready to return punts and play WR by committee - once again (Inman)

Chris Harper

Christian Gin has a little Q & A for you. First up, the intriguing prospect that is Chris Harper. | 49ers Q&A: What will Chris Harper do for the 49ers? (Gin)

New 49er Chris Harper: "I've never gotten in a three-point stance before" (Barrows)

League Rankings / Odds

I'm still mad at them over the Snowball Game. They're still mad at us over 55-10. Let's do this! | Broncos, 49ers are Super Bowl favorites, according to sportsbook Bovada (

Wait, what.....I'm pretty sure this means we're the winners this year. At least, some fanbases would have you believe it. | 49ers top AP power rankings, Raiders last (Sac Bee)

NFL-Five teams to watch out for during the 2013 season (Yahoo!)

Personnel News / Practice Squad

I'm fine with the signing of Derrick Carrier. His measurables are ridiculous. But John Skelton? For real? Ah, surely we're trying to get one up on our arch nemesis, the Arizona Cardinals. | Report: 49ers try out John Skelton, signed Derrick Carrier to practice squad (Gin)

No, seriously? | 49ers work out another quarterback -- John Skelton (Barrows)

Matt Barrows analyzes the practice squad. Even if you're not terribly interested, a peak at new addition Carrier's hair in the photo is worth a click. | Derek Carrier makes eight: 49ers psquad analysis (Barrows)

Meet the 49ers 'Opportunity' Squad (

49ers settle with Divens; Okoye to injured reserve (Barrows)

Assorted News

BASG has assorted thoughts on the odd lawsuit being filed against Aldon Smith, Delanie Walker and 100 John Does, as well as other assorted 49er topics. | Aldon Smith and Delanie Walker get sued, plus notes on the newest 49er and Quinton Patton's grill (BASG)

I don't know how this works in ESPN's division-based blogosphere, but Bill Williamson, the AFC West blogger is now writing about the 49ers on Sando's blog. I don't know what this means for either of their futures. If anyone can shed some light, feel free to. Here's Williamson's first piece. It's nice. | Thoughts on the '49er Way' (Williamsando)

Cam Inman gives us his quick notes before the season kicks off. | Season-preview day: Aldon Smith's path to success; Wallace follow-up; ‘odds' and ends (Inman)

While this isn't specifically 49ers related content, our proximity and partnership with Silicon Valley may mean that we're at the forefront of this wave. | Are you ready for some football, Google style? (CSN)

There's a list of things I can count on one hand that I won't do for $24,000. Boobie's got principles. There's principalities involved. | Dixon turns down $24K from Asomugha for No. 24 (Maiocco)

Quick NFL predictions: Pryor starts, Kaepernick TDs, surprises/disappointments and a Super Bowl one-liner (Kawakami)

Matt Maiocco's 49ers chat transcript (9.3) (Maiocco)

49ers CB Tarell Brown pursuing legal action against ex-agent, staying positive (Lynch)

Eric Reid Picks No. 35 (

Points for Discussion

Is anyone confused / concerned by the team working out John Skelton? Does that mean someone's hurt?

If we employ a WR by committee, who do you think has the most impact out of the WR2s vs Green Bay? Patton, right?

I think the Broncos (our co-favorites to win it all) fall back down to Earth. They had the easiest schedule during their run to the postseason, losing against all the good teams they played. Then they couldn't close the deal on the Ravens. Thoughts?


And I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who responded to Fooch's plea for Nuggets help on my behalf. I've got a baby due in 2 1/2 months and can use the time off. I've still got to build the landing pad for the stork...

Being a Sheep

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