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We're giving away a Roger Craig-autographed copy of Dan Brown's new book

We have a Twitter contest to win a 49ers-related book autographed by Roger Craig! See how to enter.

49ers columnist Dan Brown has written a fantastic new book titled 100 Things 49ers Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die. Brown has gone through a vast array of facts to learn, places to visit and things to do (Jerry Rice's crazy run) that all relate to the 49ers. The book includes a foreword, written by 49ers running back (and deserved Hall-of-Famer) Roger Craig.

I recently came across a couple copies that I will be giving away, and while promoting them I got in contact with Dan. He has copies of the book that have been autographed by Craig and he offered one up for a giveaway. And so, thus begins the great Niners Nation Twitter giveaway! We will be giving away one autographed copy of Dan's new book.

This contest is exclusively on Twitter. If you are not on Twitter, and do not want to get on Twitter, we will be giving away at least two additional copies of the book, although they will not be autographed by Roger Craig. If you do not have an account, but want to create one to take part in this contest, head over to Twitter, and get it set up. I'll explain the rules so even the most beginner Twitter user can understand!

The contest will run between now and 11:59 a.m. PT tomorrow (Thursday). During that time, you must submit via Twitter your choice for the most underrated offensive player in 49ers history and why he is the most underrate offensive player. You are only allowed one tweet to make your case, so you need to be creative in those 140 characters. Dan Brown, Matt Barrows and I will judge the submissions based on creativity, humor and statistical accuracy with one winner selected.

In order to track the tweet, do not send it to myself, Dan or Matt. Rather, at the end of your tweet, include the hashtag #49ers100Things

In adding the hashtag, I will be able to do a basic twitter search. That removes 15 characters from your 140 character limit, so you will need to get creative with the 125 characters at your disposal. For beginners to twitter, here is an example of what you could type:

Lawrence Phillips is the most underrated offensive player in 49ers history because I am crazy and I don't want to win this #49ers100Things

That is 138 characters, just to give you an idea of how much space you have. If you submit two tweets, only one tweet will be considered. You can only submit one entry for the contest.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments. SUBMISSIONS IN THE COMMENTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Have at it!

Rules & Regulations PDF