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Golden Nuggets: Week 1 distraction bonanza

Thursday, September 5th, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from around the Internet.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Getting on Niners Nation to do the Golden Nuggets for the day ... I certainly did not expect to see the headlines that I did. Gun charges for linebacker Aldon Smith, a lawsuit against Smith and Delanie Walker? This is just madness, folks. Pure madness. Fortunately, the lawsuit seems frivolous (based on my zero knowledge of the law outside of John Grisham novels and two minutes of glancing) and the gun charge may be ignorance ...

Either way, we should focus on the Green Bay Packers. I'm pretty darn nervous right now, but also confident in the San Francisco 49ers to pull off the win. I just want to see who Colin Kaepernick targets and how often, and I also want to see Eric Reid really get some time against a top-flight offense like Green Bay's.

Anyway, onto the links and such.

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History suggests it's downhill for 49ers (Ratto)

Harbaugh concerned about 'tough talk' regarding hits on QBs (Branch)

Willis mostly healed and ready for opener (Maiocco)

Word of the day for 49ers and Packers: 'preparation' (BA Sports Guy)

Who's No. 3? Asomugha limited in practice with collarbone injury (Branch)

Packers scramble to plan for Kaepernick's running (Maiocco)

What We Learned from August (SI)

Figuring out 49ers' passing-game options (ESPN)

Matt Maiocco's NFL predictions (Maiocco)

Despite rise to stardom, Kaepernick just scratching the surface (Maiocco)

BASGcast (Episode 56): 49ers vs. Packers preview (BA Sports Guy)

49ers season preview: Improvements and regressions (Maiocco)

Aldon Smith to Face Rookie LT (49ers)

49ers season preview: Roster gains and losses (Maiocco)