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Aldon Smith, Delanie Walker named in second lawsuit

Aldon Smith and Delanie Walker are involved in a second lawsuit surrounding the 2012 party. We take a quick look at it.


I am posting this simply for the sake of completeness. A few days after we learned that Aldon Smith and Delanie Walker were named in a lawsuit surrounding last year's offseason party madness, we learn that they are now parties to a second lawsuit. A second person claims he too received "serious, catastrophic and permanent injuries" at the party that resulted in Aldon Smith also getting stabbed.

This suit claims most of the same things, although it reportedly also includes some mention of gang members in attendance, and Smith and Walker knew of said gang members. Alrighty, then.

We already had plenty of discussion earlier this week. Feel free to discuss some more, but at this point I just want football to start. Hopefully this does not cause much in the way of a distraction for the team. Last year's offseason was not a great time for Aldon as he also dealt with a DUI arrest. Hopefully he learned his lesson, is getting his head on straight and ready to fly the straight and narrow moving forward.