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Predict the 49ers' First Offensive Play, Tackle, and Touchdown

Prediction time! What will the 49ers run as their first offensive play? What 49ers defender will secure the first tackle. How will the 49ers score their first touchdown? New to Niners Nation? Sign up here and join the discussion!

Harry How

We're less than 24 hours from the 49ers season opener, which means it is time once against for some predictions. The predictions will include:

  1. the first offensive play the 49ers will run/attempt to execute,
  2. the first player on defense (not special teams) who will make a tackle, and
  3. how the team's first touchdown will be scored (if you think one will be scored).

Last year, with the 49ers traveling to Green Bay to open the season, we took a look at each of these predictions. I am proud to say that I nailed the first play, both player, which direction and the total yards. The first play saw Frank Gore run off the left guard for five yards. My prediction was handoff left side for five yards. Huzzah!

Congrats also to TryAndCatchVD, Grabtree15 who also predicted Gore gaining five yards to the left side. User reedkrase, agchee, Edggy, Dilon, callmeam, See Jay all got Gore and a run in the general left direction.

The first tackle belonged to Patrick Willis. Seven people called Willis, including zogamer7, reedkrase, YellowMelonCust, San Fran Niners, mrg80 and 11allstar.

The first touchdown was scored by Randy Moss. 13 people got that one right. Drew Kerr was closest calling a 14-yard touchdown reception, although he had it to the corner instead of the middle

For this year, you can find the ground rules below. The prize for correctly guessing a category is bragging rights.

Offensive Play Prediction Guidelines: Try to be as specific as you can on what you think the 49ers' first offensive play will be. Don't just say "pass play" or "run play". Instead, say "Kaepernick throws a slant route to Boldin for 7 yards" or "Frank Gore runs right side and picks up three yards." You can also predict incompletions, interceptions, fumbles, touchdowns, and even a safety if you really think that will happen on the first offensive play!

Defensive Tackle Prediction Guidelines: Predicting the first defensive play is much more obscure, so this one is a simpler category -- project who you think will make the team's first tackle that does not come on special teams or a returned interception/fumble.

First Touchdown Against Green Bay: If you do not think the 49ers will score a touchdown, then say "no touchdowns" as your answer. Otherwise, predict how you think the 49ers' first offensive touchdown will be scored, along with the person(s) who will score. You can predict it to be on offense, defense, or special teams. If you predict a passing touchdown, name both the quarterback and the receiver.

Here is the template you can copy+paste for your comments:

First Offensive Play: 
First Defensive Tackle: 
First Touchdown:

Here are my predictions...

First Offensive Play: Handoff to Frank Gore from pistol formation (not read option); Gore runs off right guard for six yards
First Defensive Tackle: LB NaVorro Bowman with the tackle
First Touchdown: Colin Kaepernick to Vernon Davis from 45 yards out