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Golden Nuggets: 49ers vs Packers...Finally

Sunday, September 8, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

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Thearon W. Henderson

Finally. Football is upon us. We've been waiting for this day since early February. We were a favorite going into last season, but it would appear that we've lost a bit of our luster in the eyes of the experts. I put together this post with a table of experts predictions. It's a bit of shameless self-promotion but it took a fair bit of time. What does that mean?Harbaugh and Co. thrive on being the underdog and, while nobody would call us a sleeper, I'm hoping that this underestimation by the pundits will inspire some fire.

As for today's game. I don't think we'll be too troubled. I'm worried about next week's matchup vs Seattle. But with a rookie right left tackle and injuries in the secondary, Green Bay is not playing with a full deck. I think we see less read option than the Packers think. Remember, we ran for nearly 200 yards on them in Week 1 last season. Power running and relentless pressure on the quarterback should see us through.


49ers vs Packers

Christian Gin gets some Q&A time with his counterpart who covers the Packers. Who will replace Casey Hayward and what to expect from Eddie Lacy are some things you may like find out. | 49ers opponent Q&A: Green Bay Packers Examiner Brian Neuberger (Gin)

I don't know why Packers fans think Lacy is going to be a difference maker for them against the 49ers today. The Packers offensive line were very poor at opening holes for their backs last year. That will be the bigger key to establishing the run. | 3TFO: Packers @ 49ers, Week 1 (PFF)

We're all expecting big things from Aldon Smith this year. To begin the season, rookie tackle David Bakhtiari, replacing the injured Bryan Bulaga will get one of the toughest first assignments around. I expect to see Aldon wreaking havoc. | 49ers-Packers Matchup No. 2: Smith vs. Bakhtiari (Maiocco)

Everyone is expecting the Smith Bros to terrorize the left side of the Packers line. Let's not forget about Ahmad Brooks and Ray McDonald on the other side. Getting pressure from both sides would be a deal breaker. | Green Bay Packers at San Francisco 49ers: 5 Key Matchups (PFC)

The Playbook: Previewing Packers-49ers, Redskins-Eagles, other Week 1 games (

Packers have a painful plan for 49ers, but a solution is in the strategy (Cohn)

49ers-Packers matchups: Anthony Davis vs. Clay Matthews on passing downs (Cohn)

49ers-Packers matchups: Pass rushers v. Eddie Lacy (Cohn)

Other News

PFF gives you a list of various material that has information on the 49ers and the NFC West. This is more of a collection of links of theirs, some of which are old. But if you like PFF's work, here you go. | PFF Week: Out West, Week 1 (PFF)

Anquan Boldin: Ravens' loss serves as a warning (Barrows)

What Jaws wants to see from Kaepernick (ESPN)

Being a Sheep

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