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49ers vs. Packers: Offense looks sharp with touchdown on second drive

The 49ers took a 7-0 lead behind a strong offensive drive by Colin Kaepernick and his receivers. We break down the drive.

Thearon W. Henderson

The San Francisco 49ers are on the board to start the 2013 NFL season following a beautiful drive. The 49ers capped a 13-play 83-yard drive with a sweet 20-yard touchdown pass to tight end Vernon Davis. The 49ers faed a 3rd and 8 that in the past might have resulted in a field goal. Instead, Kap threw a pass on a dime to Davis. The score gave the 49ers a 7-0 lead

The 49ers put together an excellent mix of run and pass plays to set up the score. Seven run plays only netted 12 yards, but they picked up multiple first downs as the team used a short passing game to set up the team on 2nd and 3rd and short. Of course, Kap also found his guys on longer plays, including a 25-yard pass to Vance McDonald, and the 20-yard TD pass. The drive saw McDonald make that first catch, and Anquan Boldin get his own first reception, a nine-yard pickup that netted a first down.