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Golden Nuggets: 49ers best Packers and in other news, water is wet

Monday, September 9th, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the Internet.

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Jeff Gross

So .... how 'bout them San Francisco 49ers!? I have to say, I did hate the term "ugly win" an awful lot during the Mike Singletary days -- when we heard it the most -- but there were so many thoroughly irritating things about that game. I'm at a point where I can sit and be happy that the 49ers are 1-0 heading into as important a Week 2 game as you can get, but to not point out the issues would be folly.

My biggest issue with the game was that the 49ers utterly failed at basic fundamentals of football. Jim Harbaugh showed that it doesn't matter who his quarterback is, the clock management will always be horrible. The defense showed they aren't quite ready to hit as hard as they should and they missed on multiple tackles. Both sides of the ball showed massive lapses of judgement with penalty after penalty.

These are all things that need to be improved. But for now, let's get to your links for the day.

I have to agree with our benevolent ruler, Fooch, on this one: Colin Kaepernick's statement about intimidation is one of the most awesome things to happen yesterday. It's to the point, and it's a good message to send to someone like Clay Matthews. | Colin Kaepernick to Packers: Intimidation won't work (NFL)

What was it the great Steve Mariucci said in regards to a blown call that went in the 49ers' favor? I believe it was: "Bummer." It applies here as well, and it's what the Packers deserve for that nonsense from Matthews. | Notes: 49ers benefit from officiating error; Davis on same page with QB (Branch)

This is exactly where their mind should be. Well, more accurately, their mind should be on clock management and figuring out how to tackle... but beyond that, eschewing the ol' pat on the back in favor of stoic focus on the NFC West matchup at hand in the right mindset. | 49ers already thinking about Seattle Seahawks in Week 2 (Brown)

I was absolutely ecstatic with acquiring Boldin for a sixth-round pick, and I knew that when Michael Crabtree got injured, Boldin would effectively fill the spot. Now if only the jerk would accept my one-year contract extension on Madden 25 ... | Boldin deal was one heck of a steal for 49ers (Sac Bee)

Good stuff from Packers coach Mike McCarthy, here. Any good coach would stick to the decision. The call you make in a certain situation should be the right call in your mind, and if he had confidence in it working, he should have confidence in it again. | Mike McCarthy says he'd accept penalty again (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

Rookie safety Eric Reid didn't put up a mind-blowing performance by any means, but I think he put a lot of our doubts to rest with solid play throughout. He did miss a couple tackles, but he also made some big plays. Meanwhile, Dashon Goldson was over in Tampa Bay earning himself some fines. | 49ers notes: Eric Reid a big hit in NFL debut (Barrows)

I wouldn't say it looks unstoppable, but I mean ... I wouldn't hate Boldin putting up 200 yards every week. Ya know, if he's not too busy and all. | 49ers' Kaepernick-to-Boldin connection looks unstoppable (Kawakami)

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