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49ers vs. Packers: Final transcripts following Sunday's game

Jim Harbaugh, Colin Kaepernick and numerous other players spoke with the media following the 49ers 34-28 victory over the Green Bay Packers. We take a look at the transcripts.

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I think this will help tide some of you over this morning. Enjoy the cornucopia of content!

Head Coach Jim Harbaugh
Press Conference - September 8, 2013
San Francisco 49ers vs. Green Bay Packers

What did you think of QB Colin Kaepernick's performance in the sense that it seemed like the Packers were really trying to rattle him and get in his head and he comes out with a game that he did?

"He made a lot of great throws. I thought he had tremendous poise. You look at the fourth down play, that was one of those rollout passes he could have tried to stick it into [WR] Anquan [Boldin] on the break, but he kept the play alive, just cool as could be and then made a perfect strike. I think that pretty much summed up his whole day. He was precision-like, and a fabulous game by him. Fabulous game by Anquan Boldin. I don't know how many yards he had but there were a lot. A couple hundred maybe and some tremendous catches."

What about the Packers, do you think that what they were doing was dirty? Obviously, there was a late hit by Packers LB Clay Matthews?

"Well, the late hit certainly was."

Did you find Matthews to be spying Kaepernick or paying particular attention to him during a lot of that game?

"On a few plays, but I don't think he was their spy or anything. He made a couple nice plays in the game. But, our offensive line was tremendous. The pass protection today was outstanding. You don't throw for 400-plus yards without great effort by the offensive line. Every time that Kap dropped back he had time to survey and see the field, and he was really seeing things well out there today."

Does that fourth down play almost just come down to, "Anquan get open someway somehow because we know you can catch the ball in traffic?"

"No, it was a designed play. It was designed to be a quick-hitter right to Anquan into the flat, and Kap, like I said, kept his poise, kept moving. Anquan did a great job of coming back inside and finding the soft spot in the defense and making the play."

You've seen the chemistry develop over training camp, was this more than you expected out of both of them together?

"It's the way they've been practicing. It's the way they've been playing. Anquan's been making those kinds of catches all camp long. And [TE] Vernon Davis, as well. Big plays out of Vernon, the great threat that he is. [RB] Frank Gore, [RB] Kendall Hunter, fine job. Talked about the offensive line, I thought it was outstanding. The pass rush on defense was big, especially when we needed it there at the end. And getting the two turnovers. It's hard, Green Bay is a heck of an offense. They got a great quarterback, and tremendous offensive personnel and I thought our guys did a great job. We got to get better in some areas. We got to tackle better. I thought [S] Eric Reid showed he belongs out there. Some great plays, [LB] NaVorro Bowman on a third down to get us off the field, a lot of players to spotlight."

When they called the offsetting on when T Joe Staley pushed Matthews, you obviously seemed to take exception on it. Did you think that that's common just to kind of retaliate and protect your quarterback?

"Joe, I watched it, Joe did exactly what we coach him to do. When somebody's taking a cheap shot or trying to do something after the whistle we teach him to lock up. He did that and then Matthews throws two punches at him. The officials had their explanation, and maybe saw some other things that I didn't see, but yeah I thought that for it to even be offsetting, I didn't see it that way from my vantage point."

What'd you like most about Eric Reid's performance? An interception in his first game and he made some physical tackles as well.

"Yeah, he did. He made some fine tackles, some open-field tackles, some physical tackles and missed a few as well and that's something that we need to improve on as an entire defense. A couple times we went low and didn't get the tackle made, but it will get better."

You might have answered this already, but on that fourth down play you did send them out there, they lined up, you call a timeout before the play clock goes down, it looked like you might have been thinking about punting, what was the thought process on that whole series there?

"We were trying to do a, we were trying to get them offside when we sent them out the first time. Did some motioning, and see if they would jump. And if they did I wanted Kap to call a timeout, and then we'd come back and run it, go for it on fourth down."

You were going to go for it?


You were saying that you teach them, like Staley, to talk up? Is that what you said?

"Lock up. Just to lock up."

Just to lock up their arms?

"Yeah, so somebody, yeah, just grab him so they can't punch you and you're not punching anybody and just keep them away from antagonizing somebody else."

After all the talk last week about how the officials would do the thing with the mesh on the read option and so forth and so on. What's your observations about the way that all went down today, the way the game was called that way?

"I thought it was a good game, fine game. I'm tired of talking about that."

What more can you say about Kaepernick, passing for a career high of over 400 yards today and the performance that he had?

"Really special. Really special performance by him. Some laser-like throws down field. Pinpoint accuracy. Managing the chaos of the game. Never blinked. Never flinched at any time. Just kept executing, just consistently really good."

There were a couple instances where it looked like he could have run for a few yards but he held back and he threw the ball downfield, one to Anquan Boldin late in the game. Has that been a point of emphasis for you and for him to keep looking downfield and not to go to the run immediately when he sees it?

"It's a judgment call on his part. He has to make a split-second decision before he gets to the line of scrimmage on what his best percentage is, running himself or making the throw. I've always said this, Colin Kaepernick throws as good or better than anybody I've ever seen on the run, and that's a real strength of his."

Do you feel like you got one of the great steals in recent NFL history when you traded for Anquan?

"It feels great to have him. We did give up a draft choice for him and paying him a lot of money, but definitely think he's worth every penny. I think he's worth every penny."

It was the last home opener in Candlestick, what are your feelings after today?

"Just on the game, trying to find a way to win the opener. Our guys have really prepared for it and did a great job in their preparation for this game, to win this ballgame against one of the best teams in football and in the NFC. We knew it was coming, we wanted to finish it. We wanted to be able to get the reward by winning it. Taking that to the bank. Deposit it in the bank and getting it in there and finish it. I'm really pleased that our team did all of those things. They prepared, they fought hard, they kept their poise at all times and they finished."

There was a couple times, one time in particular when it looked like Kap could have run for a first down and ran out of bounds, a couple other times when he slid down. Is it a point of emphasis I guess also to keep him healthy, any more so than last year?

"Number one is protecting him and I thought our offensive line did a superb job in that regard. I thought that the pass rush of the Packers was completely negated by our offensive line and our backs, with the way they blocked and protected."

You had some play clock, play clock issues, is that the plays just not getting it in time or is that some of that Colin taking more time in the huddle or at the line?

"That was us not getting the play in on time."

Offensive Line Coach Tim Drevno

Postgame Quotes - September 8, 2013

San Francisco 49ers vs. Green Bay Packers

Green Bay Packers defensive coordinator Dom Capers, a great defensive coach, did he have new wrinkles for you guys today?

"Absolutely he did. And you're going against the best in Dom Capers and this is why it's the National Football League."

Do you guys enjoy that coaching chess match?

"Absolutely, that's why you do it. The thrill of the brotherhood, the bond, the going out and winning, and tradition, the pride that you take in your work. And they get you on one then you try to get them on another. So, it's exciting. It's NFL football at the highest level."

WR Anquan Boldin, what an addition he has been, 200 yards, he's everything we thought he would be?

"Very special player, unbelievably special."

And senior offensive consultant Mangini, give me your thoughts on Eric Mangini? He's brought in to help you guys kind of self-scout, what was his contribution or what has his contribution been so far?

"He does a lot of things, everybody does a lot of things and he's just one piece of the puzzle. Very, very bright, great football coach. He's been trained very, very well by [New England Patriots head coach] Bill Belichick. And just a real privilege to be able to work with him."

Quarterback Colin Kaepernick

Press Conference - September 8, 2013

San Francisco 49ers vs. Green Bay Packers

How do you feel about what [LB Clay] Matthews did, sort of tackled you and took you down out of bounds?

"That's free yards for us, free play."

It didn't burn you up when he did it?

"It helped our offense out, it doesn't bother me."

Did you talk to each other at that point?

"We talked to each other a lot today."

Did you talk to all the Packers a lot? It seemed like they were very eager to get in your face and let you know that they were around you.

"Yeah, I talked to a few."

Does that physical play, do you like that? Does that fire you up and give you any more incentive?

"That's football, I mean, you expect to get hit."

Did you brace yourself for that a little bit more based on some of the things Clay said earlier in the week?

"No, I'm not worried about what people are saying. If intimidation is your game plan, I hope you have a better one."

Did you go into this game knowing that [WR] Anquan Boldin was going to be your guy that you would be looking to, maybe even this much?

"They kept letting him get open and, I mean, he went out there, he played like a grown man today. He made plays even when he shouldn't have. If he plays like that, he is going to get the ball even more."

On that fourth-down play, were you just waiting for him to get open or did you just kind of hold the ball there for a while?

"They turned it to a scramble and he made the play."

Some people talked about the history between you and Vernon, and this game showed that it's over blown and talked about a lot.


There was a lot of talk going into the game about the read option, and I know you did it sometimes, but you didn't run out of there a lot, you personally, the way I understood the game. Was there any particular reason for that?

"They were taking that away."

So in another words, that's a call you make as the play is developing?

"Yes, they are going to dictate who's carrying the ball."

Did you have a sense that was going to be the case, just given how much talk there was in the offseason, this week and leading up to the game?

"A little bit, but I was mentally just ready to go out and play football."

Can you talk about the fourth-down completion to [WR Anquan] Boldin there to help seal it.

"Once again, he went out, he wasn't open at first, he made a play."

When's the last time you threw for 400-yards?

"Freshman year in college."

Do you remember the game?

"Against LA Tech."

How do you feel about your performance today?

"I feel like there were more throws that I should have made out there. There were plenty of times I feel like I should have completed passes that I didn't. That's something I have to get better at."

You are smiling a lot right now, looks like you had a lot of fun out there.

"I like playing football."

Can you allow yourself to think about what this offense might be when [WR Michael] Crabtree is healthy, and you put him with Anquan Boldin, Vernon Davis. There are some weapons out there.

"There are weapons, but right now we are taking it week-to-week."

Your team got Anquan in the off-season for a 6th round draft pick, pretty good trade don't you think?

"Yeah, I think we got the better end of that deal."

What's it mean to you to get this kind of win to start this season against the Packers? A lot was talked about this game, and really delivered, I think.

"It was great to go out there and get this win. You always want to win your opener, it sets the tone for the season."

CB Nnamdi Asomugha

Postgame Quotes - September 8, 2013

San Francisco 49ers vs. Green Bay Packers

I know that safeties are playing behind you a lot, and this is something that you could answer a lot better after seeing the film, but what'd you think about S Eric Reid, generally, in his debut?

"Yeah, all I remember from him was the pick. I remember a hit too, later on in the game. I think he did well, but obviously I'm not sure. But I think for the most part, playing against a team like that, that's throwing so much and we were able to get our hands on some balls and make some plays. I think he did well."

Green Bay's a very good team, started right into the fire and you beat them. 1 - 0 against a good team, how are you feeling generally about the team moving forward?

"Really good, really good. Obviously, there are some things, like I said, that we need to shore up on defense. But I think we did well considering the team we were playing against. I think you always have to factor that in. But it's positive right now and I just love that the environment and the energy is positive after week one. Obviously, getting a win helps that energy, but that stuff is infectious and it's good to see on a team like this."

WR Anquan Boldin

Press Conference - September 8, 2013

San Francisco 49ers vs. Green Bay Packers

You practiced a lot in this offense, but until you actually get out on this field in a regular season game, did you envision having this big game that you had today?

"Not the type of memories that I have today. I expected to come out and play well. We practiced well over the last couple of weeks, getting prepared for Green Bay. I thought our coach did a great job game planning. This entire off season, we knew they were going to come in ready to play because of what happened in the playoffs, so we had to come in ready to match their intensity. I thought we did that as a team."

What was your strategy to stay open so much?

"Strategy? I don't know if there is a strategy. You know, for me, it's my job to catch the ball and anytime [QB Colin] Kaepernick throws the ball my way, I want to make sure it's a completion. I want to make a completion. Just to build that confidence, and that was my mind set going into the game."

Out of the thirteen catches you had today, were you the primary receiver or were you checked down in the open?

"On a couple, I was the primary, there were a couple where I was the second or third option and then we hit a couple scramble plays. I'm not the number one option on all of them. I know every receiver would love to be, but that's just not how it works."

On the fourth down play, it was covered early. What was going through your mind as the play was developing?

"Just stay alive. Whenever you have a quarterback like [Colin] Kaepernick, he can get outside the pocket and make plays happen. So if a play does break down initially, you need to stay alive with him because he is great at getting outside the pocket and throwing the ball accurately, even if it's across his body."

Did you watch the 49ers vs. Packers playoff game last year?


Even though you were in a different conference, was there something you saw in that game that helped you today?

"I think it was, as I said, just watching them over there in the off season. Like I said, the coaches did a great job game planning for them. There were some plays in there that we schemed up just for them, that we thought would be there and they were."

You went for 217 yards in your first game in the NFL, is there something about debut games that work for you? Or is there something about you wanting to show something?

"I guess this is a debut game in the NFC West, huh? You know, you never know when your number is going to get called, you never know when you're going to get that big play, so you just have to be prepared. I know that every game isn't going to be like this. I'm not going to be targeted as much as I was today in every game. One game it's going to be Vernon [Davis], another game K-Dub [WR Kyle Williams], another game [RB] Frank [Gore]. You just have to be prepared for when your number is called."

You obviously have some great chemistry with your quarterback last year, how do you feel about what you have with [QB Colin] Kaepernick compares with what you had with [QB] Joe [Flacco]?

"We are getting there, we are going. I think the more we play together the better we will be. The great thing that me and Kap have, is communication. We've been able to communicate throughout the entire camp, on every play. I'm coming to the sideline, he's asking me what I'm saying and I'm asking him the same thing. ‘Is there anything you want me to do different?' He's asking me if I want him to place the ball in a certain place. There's a lot of communication between us and I think that whenever you have that communication, it bodes well for corp receiver and quarterback."

When you were growing up, were you a fan of Jerry Rice? I'm wondering if wearing a 49er jersey means anything to you.

"I was a 49ers fan growing up. Yeah, although I wasn't a receiver growing up. I was a quarterback so I never specifically looked at Jerry Rice, but I was a 49er fan growing up."

Were you a Joe Montana Fan?

"Ronnie Lott was my favorite player."

So you ran off the field, even with a PR guy trailing you, were you not trying to do interviews? What did you do that?

"No, that's just how I am. I don't go out for the coin toss, I go to the locker room. For me this is a business. I come out here to do a job and hopefully I do my job well."

Nice t-shirt, does it mean anything?


Do you have a dog like that?

"No, I have a Cane Corso, it's a lot bigger than this one."

It was pretty clear that the Packers weren't going to let Colin beat them with his legs today. What did you think of his accuracy in the pocket?

"I think he played well. He did exactly what we know he is capable of doing. He did exactly what he needed to do. I keep telling people how good of a quarterback he is, everybody looks at how athletic he is and that he's a ‘running quarterback' but he is a quarterback first. Being able to run is just a bonus for him."

G/T Alex Boone

Postgame Quotes - September 8, 2013

San Francisco 49ers vs. Green Bay Packers

What kind of a game plan did they bring defensively?

"We knew they were going to be doing a lot of moving around, bringing a lot of pressure and they did. [QB Colin Kaepernick] Kap got us into the right plays and executed extremely well."

WR Anquan Boldin, 200 yards, man the Super Bowl was rough not having him on this team, it's nice having him here.

"It's awesome having him here. That was probably the best thing we did this offseason was get him. And he's a great leader, a great person, love blocking for him, love watching him play."

Does he talk in the huddle or is he just a silent leader?

"No, he says let's go and when he does he's very serious."

And you know this is a guy who's a money receiver, 200 yards, 13 catches, he was huge?

"Absolutely, he had a great game. Anytime he's out there running it's off to the races and I think he did a great job."

Last one, are you surprised that you guys beat this team without your running game, you didn't really need to run it much today?

"No, we got into the right plays. And I think today was more strategic, let's be smart, let's not overdo anything. And I think [offensive coordinator Greg Roman] G-Ro and Kap did a great job of that all week. And Kap got us into the right plays today and had a hell of a game."

LB NaVorro Bowman

Postgame Quotes - September 8, 2013

San Francisco 49ers vs. Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers, he is the ultimate gunslinger and he was dealing. How did you feel you guys fared against him?

"We can always do better, but we got the win and that was the main goal to win the opener. As a team that is going into a hard schedule, we wanted to get the first win and we were able to do that.

What about late in the game, when you were able to corral them. [DE] Aldon [Smith] had a late sack and you were able to get after them, you knew it was coming right?

"Yeah, whenever we can get to him and make them one dimensional. When the other team is passing the ball we let our outside linebackers do their job and get after the quarterback."

In some ways this was uncharacteristic for the 49ers to have the amount of penalties and the personal foul penalty, did your coach say anything after the game?

"No, really this first game was about winning. We know we are going to have penalties and missed assignments, but as long as we play 60 minutes and get the win everything else can get corrected."

A shootout like this, how do you access the defensive play today?

"We played well. This is three times in a row beating the Green Bay Packers. Aaron Rodgers is considered one of the best quarterbacks in the league and for us have a few three and outs, make some plays, and get the win I think we did well."

CB Tarell Brown

Postgame Quotes - September 8, 2013

San Francisco 49ers vs. Green Bay Packers

Do you guys on defense feel confident in S Eric Reid when he's behind you back there? Do you feel that he's got all the assignments down and that he's mentally on top of things?

"Yeah. We're more and more confident as we work together. Throughout the preseason we were really getting comfortable with him and now we can see that he can really play ball. We're really excited about him, the things he can do back there and his range, as far as tracking the ball and coming up and hitting and being aggressive."

You guys have had to play against WR Anquan Boldin so much. What was it like to see him perform for you and not have to defend against him?

"He's a monster. You see what he can do. Anytime a guy can go out there in this type of game against the Green Bay Packers and come out with 13 catches for 208 yards, that's amazing. He's going to be our go-to guy and we have to go out there and make sure we have guys around him who are making plays as well."

Does it make you more physical when you see him play that physical?

"We see it every day at practice. Every day at practice we get an opportunity to go against that guy and he makes us better. It's exciting to see our offense put up points. Us as a defense, we have to keep them out of our end zone a little more but when you're going against a high-powered offense like Green Bay you just try to get them the best way you can."

How long can you enjoy this before you start thinking about Seattle?

"Just tonight. We'll enjoy this tonight then it's on to Seattle. We're taking it one game at a time and we don't want to think about this game too long. I think for us as a team, to go out with the schedule we have ahead of us, which is a tough schedule, we have to take it one game at a time. We'll enjoy this win tonight and tomorrow we'll get on to Seattle."

This was a big win for you right out of the gate.

"You can't beat it and we couldn't have asked for anything more. I think we have the right team, the right coaching staff, the right mindset and the right players to take this challenge on and this schedule on as well."

TE Vernon Davis

Press Conference - September 8, 2013

San Francisco 49ers vs. Green Bay Packers

Were you expecting this to be such a pass-heavy game?

"I wasn't surprised because I know [QB] Colin [Kaepernick]. And I know he's more than just a runner. He's also a guy that can pass the ball. So, you never know what to expect out of him. He's an amazing player."

T Joe Staley was just saying that it's just a reminder that the read option is just a wrinkle in a very big playbook and you guys are pretty diverse with what you can do. Is it a little bit different this time?

"Yeah, I guess Green Bay expected us to do a lot of read option. After hearing [LB] Clay Matthews talk, that's all he talked about. But, this staff and the players on this team, I'm just thankful. I feel like it's a blessing to have these guys that we have. But Colin, they believe in him, we believe in him. So, we put it all on him. He's the leader. So, we have to follow behind him. And he's going to come out each and every week and give us all he's got."

You had a lot of success against Green Bay over your career. Is there some reason you can pinpoint for us?

"I don't know. I don't know what to say about that. That's a tough question. It just plays out that way. It just plays out. Whenever we play Green Bay, we seem to have some success. I'm just thankful for it."

Your chemistry was thrown out a lot this week with you and Kap and WR Anquan Boldin finding his way. You guys showed you guys are on the same page already?

"Yeah, it started what, OTA's and Mini-Camp. Like I tell everyone, we had all that time during the offseason to build chemistry and just get to know each other. When you've got a quarterback, the receiver's job is to develop that relationship. There should be some kind of bond, not just on the field but off the field as well. Because it's just something you want to do, it's the right thing to do. And that's what we've been doing, in the locker room. We're there for 10 to 12 hours at least two days out of the week. So, why not develop that kind of relationship."

Were you guys motivated as a receiving corps? There were a lot of questions with how you guys can carry on without WR Michael Crabtree for the last five months or so. Was that something that motivated you guys to come out and show that you guys can be a pass offense if needed?

"It's not about one guy. Just because one guy's down, it doesn't mean that the team can't win. It's never about one guy. It's the coaches' job to have someone else to replace whatever guy it is that's down. It's their job to do that. And we've got tons of talent on this team. You saw it today, tons of talent. And I think we've only scratched the surface. This is only the first game. You've got guys like [WR] Kyle Williams who can really get it done. And he's going to be a tremendous asset to this team."

You've gone through the fourth-quarter comebacks before, especially with Kaepernick last year. So, when you guys were down in the fourth quarter, what was the mindset in the huddle? And how did that last drive come about?

"Finish strong, finish strong. The guys that we have on this team, they all know what this team is capable of doing. They saw it last year. They saw it in practice. They saw it in preseason. It's just about going out there and keeping that focus. You have to keep a certain level of focus. And it has to be high. Because if you don't, you can fall."

What made your touchdown work? What made that play work?

"Just running. Doing what the coaches asked me to do. Run full speed. Give him a head nod inside. Take the back pylon."

You had some open space there, and you dropped it right in.

"I did."

So, why was there an open space?

"I guess there was open space because the safety thought he should be more on my inside than my outside. I thought he was pretty square. He's pretty square. I gave him a head nod inside. Took the back pylon. I did exactly what I was supposed to do on that play. Colin looked up and saw me run toward the pylon, he put the ball right where it needed to be."

You had a good working relationship with former 49ers QB Alex Smith. Are you kind of hoping to build chemistry with Colin Kaepernick based on today's game?

"I am. I am. Like I said before, I think we had a lot of time during OTA's and Mini-Camp to really build that chemistry that we needed to build. And we're continuing as each and every day goes by, we're continuing to build that chemistry. And that's what it's about."

What did Anquan show you on those last couple drives? The big gain after his knee he looked to get hurt, and then he had that fourth down?

"He showed me it doesn't matter what year you're in, or how old you are, you could still be a monster. And that's what he showed me. He came out and showed me that he's a monster. I told him, I said, thank God that you're on my team because you are a beast. You're a beast. And I applaud him and his efforts to helping this team win. He did a tremendous job and I'm very thankful to have him on this team. I know my teammates are thankful as well."

You said that to him in the locker room afterwards, or?

"I said that to him on the sideline."

RB Frank Gore

Postgame Quotes - September 8, 2013

San Francisco 49ers vs. Green Bay Packers

I know the key to running the ball was the pistol, but it seems like you guys did what you want you want. Was that the game plan to not run the pistol?

"Whatever it takes to help us win. The pistol started off a little slow, they did a great job, so we had to do something else. We got the job done. [QB Colin] Kaepernick did a great job and [WR] Anquan Boldin did a great job. I am happy he is over here. It is all about winning and we do whatever it takes to win."

You talk about what everyone else did, but you carried the ball a lot and controlled the time for you guys today. How was that?

"It was tough. They came out to stop me. They put a lot of guys in the box, but when they do that our receivers have to step up and they did. I do whatever it takes to win. I love the feeling and I'm just happy we won. Now we have to move on."

Frank, last time you guys played them you dominated with the run. Let's talk about how you attacked them through the air today?

"I'm just happy we put on film that we can do whatever we want. He can do both, like I tell everybody. As long as he stays healthy and keeps it up he'll be a top quarterback in this league."

Did you know [WR] Anquan Boldin had that kind of skill? What did you like most about him?

"He is a ball player, a good football player. He is tough and he works hard. He is a guy who has done it and continues to do it. It is not surprising. I have played against him and seen what he did against us. I'm happy he is on our team and now he is doing it to the other teams."

FB Bruce Miller

Postgame Quotes - September 8, 2013

San Francisco 49ers vs. Green Bay Packers

You scored on all three possessions in the fourth quarter and you needed pretty much all of them.

"Right. Just playing against that caliber of team, that caliber of quarterback. They were going downfield, putting up points and we had to do the same thing. We had to match them and we were able to outdo them. That was big."

A lot of pistol, but it didn't run as successfully early on, and QB Colin Kaepernick was great late, especially that throw to WR Anquan Boldin on third and long to keep the drive alive.

"That was huge. Just moving the chains, taking the clock down and then being able to finish the drive with the ball in the end zone. That's what won the game for us. Kap did an excellent job."

Looks like head coach Jim Harbaugh might have changed his mind on that fourth and two on that final possession. Going with the field goal, then pulling him back, called the time out and you guys got the first down.

"Yeah, what a play. Kap got out of the pocket, Anquan being able to find a hole and get the ball to him for the first down. That was huge. Again, just moving the chains, milking the clock, putting points on the board and finishing the game."

S Eric Reid

Postgame Quotes - September 8, 2013

San Francisco 49ers vs. Green Bay Packers

How tough is a team like Green Bay to prepare for with the different things they can throw at you?

"I think it is great for me personally because it sets the tone for the whole season by going up against one of the best quarterbacks in the entire world. It is great to come out with the victory. I am looking forward to next week and continuing to get better."

Is that first pick something you are never going to forget?

"Yeah, I did not keep the ball. I don't know what I was thinking, but I wish I kept the ball. I am glad I got my first one."

Tell me about that play.

"It was one of those covers where I read the quarterback and I broke on the throw to the receiver and the ball fell right into my hands. I got up and started running but unfortunately I got tagged down before."

Eric, big shoes to fill, but you stepped in and made a statement today. How good did that game feel?

"It felt good. I put high expectations on myself and that was a goal of mine to get a pick. The ultimate goal is to help the team and do my job every week."

CB Carlos Rogers

Postgame Quotes - September 8, 2013

San Francisco 49ers vs. Green Bay Packers

Playing this team again this year, how did it help you guys today?

"It helped us out a lot today. We know when facing this team they are going to throw the ball. That is what they wanted to do. We just had to continue to fight and make plays. We were playing one of the best quarterbacks, if not one of the best in the league and we knew they were going to make their plays. It came down to the end like we expected and we made one more play than they did."

What do you have to say about [S] Eric Reid's debut here?

"It was pretty good. He started out like he was in a battle. He made some plays, got a pick, and another pick that got offset by a penalty. He played good, but we have to continue to get better as a group. A bigger test is next week"

When the offense has a day like this, with no turnovers, how much pressure does that take of you guys?

"It takes a lot of pressure off. That is something we wanted to do as a team and win the turnover battle. That is what we did today by not turning over and putting us in situations where we can get the ball back from them."

LB Aldon Smith

Postgame Quotes - September 8, 2013

San Francisco 49ers vs. Green Bay Packers

Not just the last play, but generally against a quarterback like Aaron Rodgers, how do you tred that fine line of being aggressive?

"You have to just play your football and a guy like that you're going to make mistakes, but you have to make more good plays than bad plays. That is what we came out and did today."

The last play of the game you had a sack and Aaron Rodgers did not look good on that play, how was that last drive?

"Throughout the game just getting into a rhythm. This is my first game of the season and just doing what I do, which is making plays. I practice hard and I play hard."

I know it is not hot here compared to other parts of the country, but a warm day for out here. Was that a factor at all today as the game went on?

"We practice and we condition, so we are in shape for any type of environment."

T Joe Staley

Postgame Quotes - September 8, 2013

San Francisco 49ers vs. Green Bay Packers

WR Anquan Boldin was huge today, 200 yards receiving. Talk about what his addition has meant to your guys' offense.

"He's a big-time player and made big-time catches today. He really showed up, especially on third down. He made a ton of catches in traffic. He was a real difference maker for us. He was a guy that [QB Colin] Kaepernick could go to. We needed someone to make a big play and we're real happy obviously to have him on our football team."

Are you surprised with the way this game went? Usually you guys dominate in the run game, but today was much more of a pass attack.

"They came out with a plan to stop the run and kudos to them for executing that game plan. For us, we have other answers. Obviously we got the ball moving through the air, got points on the board and at the end of the day, it's all about scoring one more point than they did. We're just happy to come out with this win and move onto Seattle."

You've got Seattle next week, as you mentioned. How long will you celebrate this before you get onto that one?

"I'm not celebrating at all. I'm moving on to week two already."

S Donte Whitner

Postgame Quotes - September 8, 2013

San Francisco 49ers vs. Green Bay Packers

He didn't really use his legs much, it was pretty much using his arm. That's pretty much what you just said, he can do--.

"He didn't really have to use his legs today because their game plan was to not allow him to run the football, so he beat them with his arm. So, when we have a team that wants to take the pass away from him, he'll use his legs. That's what you get with a dual quarterback. You get a smart dual quarterback that can take off, get yards, make defensive coordinators have nightmares. That's what [QB Colin] Kaepernick is right now. He's doing a great job and he came through for us today."

How did the rookie beside you do today in your estimation?

"He did well. He made some plays, got his first interception, didn't kick the football, missed a couple tackles but he had a couple big hits out there. We expect that. He'll work on the missed tackles, but he did a great job for his first game going against one of the best quarterbacks in the National Football League. The stage wasn't too big for him. He's just going to continue to get better and better and I'm glad he's back there."

Obviously not ready to compare him to an All-Pro just yet, but the way he comes up, is it reminiscent of what Buccaneers S Dashon Goldson did?

"Yeah it is. He's actually a bigger guy than Dashon is. Dashon is about 200 pounds, he's about 220. Once he gets out there, gets more comfortable being out there and laying hits, taking angles and knowing where guys are going to be, you're going to see more and more of that. He's one of those big safeties that can make plays, hit and get to the football."

LB Patrick Willis

Postgame Quotes - September 8, 2013

San Francisco 49ers vs. Green Bay Packers

What did you think about the physicality of this game?

"It was a physical game in a sense that they passed the ball a lot. They got the ball out really quickly and we had to tackle them. There were a couple of plays out there today where we didn't tackle so well but I think for the most part we did alright."

Earlier in the week Packers LB Clay Matthews talked about hitting QB Colin Kaepernick and talked about physicality. Did that get your defense pumped for what you were doing today?

"No. Honestly, we don't care what other people talk about. We know what we have to do as a defense and as a team and we just want to go out there and show it. We let the other teams do the talking and we just want to go out there and put it on display."

What did the Packers do today that they didn't do in the playoff loss last year?

"I don't want to take anything away from them but at the same time I don't think we played our best defense. With that being said, I don't want to take anything away from them, but us not playing our best defense I felt kind of contributed to them having some of the success they had. We missed some tackles out there and gave them some first downs. They scrambled a little bit and threw it up and caught some passes. I think that's more our fault than them dominating."

It's so uncharacteristic for the 49ers to have an off-day defensively. Can you put your finger on why it may have happened?

"It's the first game. We don't condone having mistakes but we know that they're part of the game. Some of them are ones that we can't allow to happen. But it's the first game and we got a W. What we didn't do so well we'll come in and watch it, critique it and get better for the next game."

What was it like to watch 81 WR Anquan Boldin run up and down the field for you guys?

"Anquan, that's what you call a free agent acquisition. To see him come in and do what he did today; honestly I've seen him do it all training camp. To see him get out there and do it in a game it's pretty much that saying, ‘You play the way you practice.' I see him making one-handed catches, making catches that would be over most peoples' heads. He's going to try to catch everything that's sent his way. We're very happy to have him and I know he's going to continue to shine for us."

What were your impressions of S Eric Reid stepping in, getting his first start today, how he played and how he fit in with the defense?

"Eric played well. He did exactly what I thought he would do. He can hit and run to the ball. He covered my tail on that one play where he got the interception. I kind of got too high and [Packers TE Jermichael] Finley cut underneath me. I didn't know if Eric caught the ball, dropped it or what but he was there to make the play. He just played tremendously and I know he's going to help the team get better as well."

How long will you enjoy this win before you start thinking about Seattle?

"Until tomorrow morning. I'll enjoy it tonight with my family, hang out with them and then tomorrow when I get to the facility it's about working out and getting my mind ready for Seattle."

Do you like having two big games right out of the gate?

"To me I think every football game is big. There is no football game that I look at where I say, ‘This game doesn't mean anything.' I don't care who we're playing, winning record or losing record, I just want to win. I spent my first four seasons losing so to me every game is valuable."