49ers-Seahawks Troll Thread 2.1

Fooch's Note: We've got a new troll thread.

In the least surprising development since, well, whatever, the first troll thread is off to a rousing start. Given that we have a long week ahead of us until 49ers-Seahawks kicks off, it's safe to say Jaws sums it up:

The rules remain the same as the first troll thread. The rest of the site will maintain the same rules as far as swearing, personal attacks and the like, but it will be mostly free reign in here. If personal attacks become too much, I might step in, but site decorum is generally off in here.

I would like to note that I will be keeping an eye on NN users over at Field Gulls. I won't enforce NN rules there, but if you start trolling Seahawks fans over there, you will face discipline here. It will be a warning, then a suspension, then banishment from the site. There is no need to act like a jerk on another site, so there will be discipline if you do.

For this thread, don't bring up politics or religion, but otherwise, I'm fine with it being the Wild West in here. I won't say there will be no warnings for actions in here, but for the most part, I'm going to be hands-off. I'll keep an eye on it as much for amusement as anything else, but otherwise, have at it. Again, it's JUST IN HERE. Please try and maintain some level of mature, intelligent discourse on the rest of the site.

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