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49ers, Santa Clara figuring out parking problem, putting MNF, TNF back on the table

The 49ers might have solved their parking problems. We break down the details. New to Niners Nation? Sign up here and join the discussion!


This past November, news broke that Santa Clara officials were going to wait at least a year before considering Monday Night Football and Thursday Night Football games at Levi's Stadium. As Mike Rosenberg reported, a lack of parking created issues that would prevent week day prime time games at the stadium in 2014, and potentially further on. Fortunately, a solution appears to have been reached.

Rosenberg is now reporting the 49ers and local officials are close to securing a total of 31,500 parking spots for the new stadium. The parking will be spread out as far as a mile from the stadium, but there will be a reported 66 percent increase in parking as compared to Candlestick Park. It will include parking on golf course fairways among other things (albeit a temporary option). Check out the article for the full rundown of how it could potentially work.

The best news about this is it should bump up the potential timeline for getting week day prime time games at the stadium. The 49ers VP of stadium operations has said the team "the team will host weeknight games in 2015 and will work with the city to try and host weeknight games in late 2014."

The big question then is what happens if the 49ers can knock off the Seahawks this weekend, and then take home Lombardi No. 6 next month. The Super Bowl champion normally hosts the season opener on Thursday Night Football. This past season, the Baltimore Ravens ended up going on the road due to a schedule conflict with the Baltimore Orioles. I suspect if the 49ers could win the Super Bowl, we would likely see them also start on the road, but if they can sort through this parking mess, maybe that won't be an issue. But first things first, win Sunday against the Seahawks!