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Sarah Harbaugh addresses the issue of Jim Harbaugh's khaki pants

The 49ers head coach wears a very familiar wardrobe for every game. His wife Sarah apparently is not the biggest fan of them, and took to the radio to discuss.

Over the course of three seasons, one topic that always gets a mention several times a year is Jim Harbaugh's wardrobe. It has quieted down a little bit during the regular season, but during the playoffs, it picks back up as national media gets a chance to talk about the many quirks of Jim Harbaugh.

Normally I'd ignore them as the story is a bit played out, but we have a new angle on it that is entertaining as all get out. The video above is from the Greg and Fernando show on Bay Area radio station 99.7. Apparently they got into a discussion about Jim Harbaugh's khakis, and this led to his wife, Sarah, calling in to discuss his game-day attire.

The discussion features a host of great lines, including Sarah talking about how his wardrobe reflected on her. She said he should not wear the pleated khakis because he has a "flattering body". I don't think I ever imagined a day would come when I would be writing about Jim Harbaugh's "flattering body". Let's just close up shop and call it a day!

She also mentioned how she has tried to get rid of the khakis, but apparently in February, Jim bought a bunch for $8/pair at a Walmart near the NFL Combine. This is about as perfect a Harbaugh story as we'll get. This is a man who reportedly earns $5 million a year, and is looking at a pay raise in the near future. But gotta save money on those khakis!

The whole interview is funny, but there is something mildly interesting to take from it. Sarah said she wanted to change his wardrobe, but she understood she could not do it now during this playoff run. She pointed out his superstitious nature, which is something Coach Harbaugh has mentioned before. He has been wearing cleats for a while now, and apparently the team has won every time he's worn the cleats. When asked about it last month, Harbaugh said he used to be superstitious about not being superstitious, but now he was just a little bit superstitious.

If the 49ers can end up winning the Super Bowl this year, would Coach Harbaugh dare change his wardrobe? Or would taking home the big prize mean it's alright to mix things up?

It's worth noting, SB Nation editor Spencer Hall is doing some important research on the subject of Jim Harbaugh khakis.