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49ers-Seahawks final score: Oh my god....

49ers lost, the season's over.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I don't even know what the hell to say. So many things about this game make me so angry. I don't even know. I just want to punch a hole in a wall. I realize the 49ers made their mistakes, and we'll break them down plenty, but there are so many other things that make me angry right now. Richard Sherman is a punk who couldn't buy class with the biggest contract in the NFL. The refs blew this game in every way possible.

I'm honestly fighting back tears here. This team was better than the Seahawks, but at the end of the day, they're going home for the winter, and the Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl. It's not fair, but sometimes life isn't fair.

Everything about this just makes me so angry. The only thing that matters right now for us is keeping NaVorro Bowman in our thoughts and hope his injury is not as bad as it looked. It was a horrific bend of the knee, and lord only knows what happened. We'll find out more.

For now, go out and get drunk.