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Pro Bowl draft 2014: Date, time, tv schedule with so few 49ers

We break down some of the details for Tuesday's Pro Bowl "draft", and the 49ers players that will and will not be present.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The 2014 NFL Pro Bowl is coming up this weekend, and it should surprise nobody that a lot of San Francisco 49ers are begging out. The 49ers season only ended two nights ago, and with the NFC title game loss, it's kind of hard to think about things like the Pro Bowl.

The media was able to talk with the players Monday afternoon, and we got some insight into offseason plans. According to the players on hand, only Ahmad Brooks is planning on heading to Hawaii for the Pro Bowl. The 49ers selected had included Brooks, Vernon Davis, Frank Gore, Joe Staley, Mike Iupati, Justin Smith, Patrick Willis and NaVorro Bowman.

Bowman and Iupati are obvious outs because of injuries, but the rest of the 49ers players have their own share of injuries and whatnot. Cam Inman reported that Joe Staley suffered a compound dislocation of his thumb. The rest of the players are able to use various nagging issues to get out of going to the game.

The 49ers have quite a few alternates as well. Those include Anquan Boldin, Alex Boone, Andy Lee, Eric Reid, CJ Spillman & Donte Whitner. It remains to be seen if any of them are selected, and if so, if they choose to go.

I doubt I'll watch the Pro Bowl, but I might check out part of the new draft they're using. Players were voted to the Pro Bowl without considering conference, and now two players from each conference will draft players to their team, in school-yard fashion. The draft captains are Drew Brees and Robert Quinn for the NFC, and J.J. Watt and Jamaal Charles for the AFC. They will be assisted by Deion Sanders and Jerry Rice.

This draft is taking place over two days on NFL Network. The draft is Tuesday and Wednesday, at 5 p.m. PT each night. Tuesday will feature 22 players (11 for each team) drafted from the following position groups: guards, centers, fullbacks, interior defensive linemen, punters and special teamers. The remaining positions will be selected on Wednesday.

I don't expect much out of the game itself, particularly with only one 49er represented. I suppose it would be interesting to see an offensive and defensive player from one team facing off against each other. It could be interesting, so we'll see how much attention I give it. You going to watch the game?