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Golden Nuggets: Applause All Around

Tuesday, January 21, 2014 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

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Because we could use a little something to smile about.
Because we could use a little something to smile about.
Christian Petersen

As the San Francisco 49ers returned from their unsuccessful trip to Seattle, they came back to a stunning reception that made you feel that they were the winners of the NFC Championship Game. I say they richly deserved it because disappointing end aside, this was a great season with lots of prime time performances and lots of developments to build upon: a young and dynamic franchise quarterback to continue developing, a mixed core of young and solid veterans, a hard-nosed defense, a forward-thinking front office, and a good coaching staff. What we have here is a team designed to make the playoffs for many years to come and that can only be a good thing, after the dark years of the 2000's.

So I enthusiastically hand out applause and high fives to entire 49ers organization for a season well done and look ahead to the upcoming off-season because there is still much work to do to complete the #QuestforSix and move on to the #QuestforSeven, Eight and so on. Thank you, team! We appreciate your efforts for a well fought season and only wish it could have ended on a higher note. But there is nothing to put your head down for because only one of 32 teams can be crowned Champion each year. In our book, this current team is made up of champions, and those are the necessary ingredients for bringing trophies home. Levi's Stadium get ready to rock!

NFC Championship Game Redux

Clutch Encounters: Conference Championships (FO)

ReFo: 49ers @ Seahawks, NFC Championship (PFF)

Schefter: NFL to look into sideline contact (ESPN)

Grading the 49ers' loss to Seahawks (Inman)

If you're not disgusted enough, here's a GIF of the low-point for the Seattle fanbase. | Bowman pelted with popcorn while being carted off (CSN)

And now back to those pants... | Jim Harbaugh's $8 pants: 49ers coach gets new Levi's gear but can't wear it vs. Seahawks (SJMN)

Player Spotlights

Reactions from various 49er players the day after. | Emotions vary during locker-room exodus (Vernon Davis: ‘It's not fun, it's not good. It just sucks') (Inman)

After the season he's been through, Bo is deserving of this recognition. | NaVorro Bowman's DPOY chances likely improved Sunday night (Barrows)

The optimistic outlook is that NaVorro Bowman will be back for the start of next season. | NaVorro Bowman back by '14-15 start (ESPN)

Here's a name that's been missing from Niners news all season. | Culliver has resumed sprinting; vows to help Bowman through ACL rehab (Barrows)

Kaepernick Takes Blame, but He's Still Growing (NBC)

Sometimes to help you recover, you need a little ice cream and a little prayer. | 49er Patrick Willis reflects on NFC Championship loss over a bowl of ice cream (SJMN)

Patrick Willis: 'We stay optimistic. We fight' (Barrows)

It's a little hard to backtrack when your foot is still in your mouth. | Richard Sherman: I don't want to be a villain (PFT)

Vernon Davis offers pointed response to Richard Sherman (SFGate)

Examining some of the more questionable things said by Richard Sherman and his brother (BASG)

There's no guarantee that Donte Whitner will be with the team next season so this might just be his last interview as a Niner. | 49ers safety Donte Whitner has words for the refs, Seattle fans and Richard Sherman (Lynch)

Looking Ahead

It's officially the off-season for the 49ers so it's never too early to look at what's next for the team.

Oh yeah, there's still that Pro-Bowl thingy. | Ahmad Brooks likely 49ers' only Pro Bowl participant (SJMN)

Another rule for an NFL rulebook already gone mad? (CSN)

Oddsmaker: 49ers among three co-favorites for 2015 Super Bowl (PFT)

Uncertainty Awaits 49ers' Offseason (Scout)

New England Patriots, San Francisco 49ers each face serious offseason questions (SI)

Boldin hints that he plans to stay with the 49ers (PFT)

Interesting offseason for 49ers' Harbaugh, Kaepernick (Kawakami)