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49ers draft picks 2014: Team set to pick No. 30 in first round

The San Francisco 49ers head into the 2014 NFL Draft with a boatload of picks. We break down where they stand following their NFC Championship Game loss. New to Niners Nation? Sign up here and join the discussion!

Al Bello

The San Francisco 49ers season is a wrap, which means we are able to start figuring out where they will be drafting in 2014. The Championship Game round loss sets them up with the 30th pick of the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft. They finished with the same record as the New England Patriots, but strength of schedule bumps the 49ers to 30 instead of 29. As I understand it, the 49ers would then flip with the Patriots every other round. That means they would have pick No. 29 of the second round (No. 61 overall).

As it currently stands, the 49ers are looking at 13 picks in the 2014 NFL Draft. Here is a list of picks, with the pick for the given round. If any of the individual round picks is incorrect, let me know in the comments, but I believe these are about right:

1. First round: own - No. 30
2. Second round: Chiefs (Alex Smith trade) - No. 24
3. Second round: own - No. 29
4. Third round: Titans (2013 draft trade) - No. 13
5. Third round: own - No. 30
6. Third round: Compensatory based on Dashon Goldson departure and free agency equation
7. Fourth round: own - No. 29
8. Fifth round: own - No. 30
9. Sixth round: own - No. 29
10. Seventh round: Colts (Cam Johnson trade) - No. 26
11. Seventh round: Saints (Parys Haralson trade) - No. 27
12. Seventh round: Panthers (Colin Jones trade) - No. 28
13. Seventh round: own - No. 30

Has any team ever had three straight picks in a round before, even in the seventh? The 49ers hold seventh round picks from the Colts, Saints and Panthers, and the way the playoffs wrapped up, the 49ers get those three in consecutive order. Additionally, with their own pick set at No. 30, they have four out of picks in that portion of the draft.

I realize the 49ers are unlikely to end up picking in these four spots come draft day, but it's still interesting. I imagine the 49ers will package picks to move up in other rounds, with seventh rounders serving as that final incentive to make a deal. It worked last year, and I suspect we'll see more of it this year.

The 49ers can move around, but they don't necessarily need to climb way up in the early rounds to get some serious talent. This draft is considered one of the deeper drafts in recent memory. This is due in part to what I believe is a record 98 underclassmen entering the upcoming draft. It potentially bumps down some solid talent. I imagine the 49ers will do some maneuvering, but this kind of depth gives them even more leverage with all their picks.