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Golden Nuggets: To Watch or Not to Watch

Thursday, January 23, 2014 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Christian Petersen

Happy Thursday everyone... Yeah, I know, it's not. I'll shut up in a minute. The sting of losing the NFC Championship still hasn't healed, but I actually feel better this time around. I guess it's only natural after the third time in three seasons, staying off ESPN and other national sports outlets definitely helps.

I'm still torn on whether I will be watching the Superbowl or not. On one hand the Superbowl has almost become a national holiday to spend with friends and family, but on the other, there's the puppy bowl and I do love puppies. Naturally, If I do watch I will be rooting for Peyton Manning and the Broncos. Actually, it might be more accurate to say I will be rooting for Petyon Manning, against the Seahawks, and I could not care less about the rest of the Broncos. I've always been a Peyton fan, the way he is basically an offensive coordinator and amazing QB wrapped into one godly specimen has always amazed me. I would take Peyton Manning over any QB in NFL history for the purpose of building a team from scratch, and I grew up with a picture of Steve Young on my wall.

the only positive from losing is that the off season officially starts for us and we can all start obsessing over prospects who have about a 1/32 chance of actually ending up on our team. I do love the off season though, almost as much as I love the actual games. I'm the kind of person who sims through the season on Madden just so I can do the draft. Don't even get me started on NFL Head Coach, or as I like to call it, the holy grail for off season/video game nerds.

In the past, I used to sit around really early in the morning to watch all the Senior Bowl practices, Combine drills, and Pro Days that I could watch. Now, unfortunately, I'm a little too busy to catch all of that, and believe me, I feel like I've lost a part of myself. A lazy bum who sat on the couch all day watching the combine, but still, a part of myself. Because I will no longer be on par with Mike Mayock by the time the draft rolls around (Lets be honest, the ESPN draft broadcast is just turrible) I'm going to have to rely on the great thread authors here to fill me in on who we need to draft over the next few months, I look forward to it.

Tim Ryan officially replaced Eric Davis as the color analyst on the 49ers radio broadcasts yesterday. As someone who watches exclusively on TV, my opinion on Eric Davis would be worse than useless. But I will say I like Tim Ryan, his old partner Chris Meyers is terrible, but I like Tim. One thing that I am curious about is what is Tim's motivation? Is a local radio gig a better job than a national TV gig?

49ers replace Eric Davis with Tim Ryan for radio broadcasts (BASG)

Tim Ryan Named 49ers Color Analyst (49ers)

Tim Ryan replaces Eric Davis in 49ers' radio booth (Barrows)

San Jose’s Ryan replaces Davis as color analyst next to Robinson on 49ers broadcasts (Imman)

Ryan replaces Davis as 49ers radio analyst (Maiocco)

Davis: Logistics force switch of radio analyst (Maiocco)

Davis says radio parting is amicable; Ryan ‘jacked’ to join franchise (Branch)

L.A. story: Logistics prompted 49ers' radio switch (Barrows)

(Audio) Tim Ryan on New Post: 'It's Almost Surreal' (49ers)

Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders drafted their Pro Bowl rosters yesterday, and I imagine I was not alone in watching literally anything else. I'm actually thankful that nine of our players dropped out (Eric Reid being the lone holdout.) otherwise I might have had to watch the Pro Bowl.

Eric Reid Added to Pro Bowl Roster (49ers)

Jerry Rice tabs 49ers' Eric Reid (ESPN)

Post NFCCG Analysis:

Second-half turnovers a theme in Seattle (ESPN)

Niners Came Away Battered from Sunday's Defeat (NBC)

Film review: Kaepernick's fateful, final decision; Gore's rough day; game's MVP (Barrows)

Ya think? NFL: Wrong call on NaVorro Bowman's fumble recovery (NFL)

Harbaugh defends Kaepernick's final interception (Gin)

In Other News:

Despite what some might say, 49ers’ championship window is still wide open (BASG)

Lattimore: 'I felt like I could've played' (Maiocco)

Marcus Lattimore to Hit Offseason Running (49ers)

A 49ers cheerleader is going to be on the next season of Survivor. I've been a survivor fan since Richard Hatch won the first season so I'll be watching regardless. Maybe this will give some of you blasphemers nice people who don't watch a reason to tune in. 'Survivor': San Jose 'beauty' among new cast announced by CBS (Mercury News)

San Francisco 49ers season wrap-up (ESPN)

Report: 49ers sign Bethel-Thompson, Hampton to future contracts (Gin)

49ers ink QB Bethel-Thompson for 2014 (Barrows)

49ers Sign 13 Players to Reserve/Future Contracts (49ers)

QB Bethel-Thompson among 13 signed to reserve/future deals (Branch)

49ers keep promising young QB in program (ESPN)

Bethel-Thompson returns to compete for backup QB job (Maiocco)

BASGcast (Ep. 77): Looking toward the 49ers offseason (BASG)