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2014 Senior Bowl: Game time, tv schedule, NFL Draft prospects to watch

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The 2014 Senior Bowl kicks off today at 1pm on NFL Network

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Senior Bowl kicks off at 1pm today on the NFL Network. All week more than 80 college football seniors have practiced under the careful watch of NFL coaches, scouts, and general managers. Most of the NFL personal will have left Mobile, Alabama before kickoff today. The game while fun for fans and the players, rarely lends much credence into NFL Draft stock. (Last year's Ziggay Ansah was an exception.)

Check out Niners Nation practice coverage with my mid-week update and Trevor's practice wrap-up.

Some last minute thoughts on players to watch:

  • Virginia Tech's Logan Thomas' size (6-5, 250lbs), arm-strength, and athleticism will cause him to be over-drafted. He's probably a 5th or 6th round pick that will go in round three or earlier. Why? Potential. His ceiling his higher than maybe any other quarterback in the draft. I wouldn't hate to see the Niners spend a 4th rounder on him if he does happen to last that long.
  • Safety Terrance Brooks from Florida State has done as good a job as any player in Mobile of improving his draft stock. Coming into the week most had pegged him as a 4th or 5th rounder. Now, some like Dan Wiederer believe Brooks could be an "intriguing" second- day pick.
  • Washington State Deone Bucannon is a fun player to watch. A big time hitter with excellent ball skills. If the 49ers don't trade up for a corner or receiver, picking another safety in the first round is very possible if Donte Whitner is not retained.

Enjoy the game! Happy draft season!

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