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NN getting ready for the offseason

We'll have a Pro Bowl thread in just a bit, but given that it's an otherwise quiet Sunday, I wanted to open up a thread for discussion on the offseason. We've got a lot of ideas in mind for offseason content to break down what was in 2013, and what will be in 2014, but I also wanted to see what ideas people had for the offseason. Are there certain things you'd like to see us produce?

Some of the things we'll be putting together this offseason. I've included months for the content, but those are not set in stone. This does not include some of the things we'll be doing after the draft such as breakdowns of each of the 49ers draft picks and UDFAs. This is mostly about the lead up to the draft:

1. Position Units

  • Look at each position unit in 2013, with a brief look to 2014 (January/February)
  • Free agency previews for each position unit (February/March)
  • Draft previews for each position unit (April)

2. 49ers 2014 opponents

  • Free agency/draft preview (February/March)
  • 2014 preview (June/July)

3. Colin Kaepernick

  • Salary cap issues related to a new contract
  • Analyzing cap through All-22 and game-charting

5. NFL Draft

  • Position rankings
  • Mock drafts (Nick/Trevor versions, and community mocks)
  • Player scouting reports
  • NFL Combine content

6. 49ers salary cap

  • Breaking down various contracts in place and assessing potential contracts
  • Salary cap cut candidates

When we get into March, free agency rumors will keep us fairly busy. The NFL Draft has been bumped back a couple weeks into May, so that opens up some more space for content in April. If you have ideas you think we haven't covered in the past, I'd love to hear them. If you have some All-22 coverage ideas, let me know as well, and I can pass them along to Carson and David. They'll still be doing some work this offseason, so ideas are welcome.

No idea is stupid, although we may not take advantage of every idea. I'm just looking to crowd-source as many ideas as we can get. Post any and all ideas you might have in the comments below.