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NFL mock draft 2014: Mocking the draft has two round mock draft with some trades

We take a look at Mocking the Draft's latest mock draft, which features two rounds worth of picks and some trades. I'm not sure I buy what they're selling on the 49ers, but some might agree.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Our friends at Mocking the Draft are back with their latest 2014 NFL mock draft, mapping out two rounds of picks with some trades mixed in. There are some interesting picks in the mix of this mock draft, but I'm not sure I buy into what Matthew has the 49ers doing.

As it stands in this mock, he has the 49ers drafting Florida State defensive lineman Timmy Jernigan in the first round, and then cornerback Aaron Colvin and Arizona running back Ka'Deem Carey in the second round. Here are their thoughts on each pick:

30. San Francisco 49ersTimmy Jernigan, Defensive lineman, Florida State

The San Francisco 49ers have a ton of picks in the 2014 NFL Draft, and could move up to find an upgrade in the secondary. Timmy Jernigan is an excellent value here The 49ers could add even more depth to their front seven. Justin Smith isn't getting any younger.

56. San Francisco 49ers - Aaron Colvin, Cornerback, Oklahoma

Yes, Aaron Colvin just tore his ACL. But the 49ers have more picks than they do roster spots available for rookies. They could take a player like Colvin, who fills a need, and essentially give him a redshirt year by stashing him on the injured reserve.

61. San Francisco 49ers - Ka'Deem Carey, Running Back, Arizona

Frank Gore can't last forever, so the 49ers would be smart to add more depth at running back. Marcus Lattimore is a bruising back, and Ka'Deem Carey has the wheels. Down the road, they could make a nice one-two punch for San Francisco.

I could see the 49ers looking at a guy like Aaron Colvin, but in the second round? Tank Carradine went in the second round in spite of health issues, but I'm not sure I see that high a "luxury pick" this time around. Maybe if he slips into day three, but I just don't see a day two pick invested in a guy who probably will not play in 2014.

The first round defensive line picks continue, much like what we saw in the mock draft database I updated yesterday. I'm going to start updating the database every Monday (later today) and probably Friday through the draft. I'm curious to see how long the defensive line picks continue to take precedent.

The second round running back pick has me confused as well. Even if Kendall Hunter and LaMichael James are not part of the plan beyond 2014 or 2015, unless they trade one of them or release Frank Gore, there are simply too many bodies in the mix. I know a team can't have too much depth at running back, but in this case, do you really spend a second round pick on a position that already will have four guys in the mix for snaps? I suppose the 49ers could try and deal Kendall Hunter for spare parts in this kind of situation, but again, I just don't see it happening this year.

Given that this mock draft included some trades, I am a little surprised we did not see a 49ers trade. Trades in mock drafts hold less value than the specific players being picked, but if you're going to mock out some trades, the 49ers seem as much of a sure thing to do some dealing as anybody.