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San Francisco 49ers 2013 roster view: Wide Receiver

The 2014 offseason is officially underway for the 49ers. Before we get into 2014 preview content, we'll review each of the 49ers position units. We'll break down how they performed in 2013, and their roster status for 2014. We move on to the wide receivers.

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The 2013 season is a wrap for the San Francisco 49ers, but before we take the deep dive into free agency and look ahead to 2014, we're going to take an initial look at that season that was for each position group. Yesterday, we took a look at the running backs, and the day before we reviewed the quarterback position. Today, we'll look at the wide receiver position.

Anquan Boldin - 16 games | 85 receptions, 1,179 yards, 7 touchdowns | DYAR: 385 (3rd), DVOA: 25.6% (9th) | PFF: 17.9, 20.3 passing, 1.0 run block, -3.0 penalty

Thank God for Anquan Boldin in 2013, and more importantly, thank God for John Harbaugh! The 49ers made the steal of the year when they acquired Boldin for a 6th round pick. It was a good deal no matter what, but when Michael Crabtree went down with his Achilles injury, Boldin was essential to keeping the offense afloat. He blew up in Week 1, and while he was quiet at times, he became a security blanket for Colin Kaepernick.

When Crabtree returned to the field, Boldin gave them a much-needed presence to deflect attention. In 2011 and 2012, Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis were the two big receiving weapons, and there wasn't a whole lot after that. Adding Boldin gave this unit serious depth. Boldin is a free agent this year, with word that both sides are interested in him returning. Of course, interest means nothing if they can't make the numbers work. I certainly hope they do, but this is the big free agent story to follow.

2014 status: Unrestricted free agent

Michael Crabtree - 5 games | 19 receptions, 284 yards, 1 touchdown | DYAR: 42, DVOA: 3.6% | PFF: -1.0, -1.3 passing, -0.4 run block, -2.4 penalty

What a year it has been for Michael Crabtree. The 49ers acquired Anquan Boldin and it looked like the dynamic duo would propel the 49ers to greatness. Then, Crabtree tore his Achilles in the offseason workout program, and we all lost our mind. Crabtree busted his butt to get back, and in doing so, he followed Terrell Suggs benchmark in getting back on the field.

I was concerned about how long it would take for Crabtree to get back into his previous form, but he minimized most doubts fairly quickly. In his third game, he caught a touchdown, and in his fourth game he had 102 receiving yards. Once the playoffs rolled around, he blew up for 125 yards against the Packers. Of course, we all know how the playoffs ended....

At one point toward the last week or two of the season, I saw a tweet showing how Kap's numbers improved from Crabtree's absence to his return. I can no longer find it, but the improvement was very distinct. We had some contract discussion earlier today, and I'm sure there will be plenty more on Crabtree's future. For now, it's safe to say he's a slightly important aspect of the 49ers offense!

2014 status: Final year of rookie contract | Base: $3,500,000, Cap: $4,770,443

Mario Manningam - 6 games | 9 receptions, 85 yards

Disappointment is the best term for Mario Manningham's 2013 season. He put together a solid 2012 season before blowing out his knee late in the season. He tore two ligaments, and spent the start of the 2013 season on the PUP list. He eventually made his way back to the field, but he ended up back on injured reserve after Week 14.

If Manningham had not injured his knee last season, I think we might have seen a different outcome in the Super Bowl, and he would have been a different receiver this year. He isn't on the Boldin level, but if healthy, imagine Manningham, Boldin and Crabtree? It's one of the more under-discussed woulda/coulda/shoulda's of the 2013 49ers.

2014 status: Unrestricted free agent

Quinton Patton - 6 games | 3 receptions, 34 yards

The rookie got his own battle-wagon, and looked ready to make an impact quickly. The fourth round pick missed the start of training camp with a finger injury, but made his way back in the latter half of August and excited us all. He was relatively quiet out of the gate to start the regular season before a broken foot sidelined him in Week 4.

Patton was inactive until Week 16, and then Week 17 we saw another little burst. Against the Arizona Cardinals, he had two receptions for 34 yards, and ran a reverse for 26 yards. His second reception was a huge conversion in spectacular fashion. He went on to have two receptions for 25 yards in the playoffs (including a big third down conversion early against the Panthers).

It is of course worth noting that he also showed some solid skills as a blocker. I recall one Anquan Boldin catch and run in which Patton helped spring the play from the back-end. All of this makes for a huge offseason coming up for Patton. He has some serious opportunities in front of him. He is going to Miami with Kap at some point, and has said he wants to work with Boldin as well.

2014 status: Base: $495,000, Cap: $592,875

Jon Baldwin - 7 games | 3 receptions, 28 yards

The 49ers acquired Baldwin midway through the preseason, dealing away A.J. Jenkins in an exchange of disappointing first round draft picks. They gave Baldwin some opportunities, but it quickly became apparent the team viewed him as an easy salary dump. They can release him this offseason with no guarantees remaining. Had they kept Jenkins, they would have had another year cap issues to deal with on his contract. Such is life in the world of the salary cap.

2014 status: Final year of contract | Base: $1,274,765, Cap: $1,404,765

Kassim Osgood - 14 games | 1 reception, 17 yards

Osgood was a wide receiver mostly in name only. He made some appearances as a wide receiver, but in reality his value was almost entirely on special teams. He was a beast on special teams, but mostly just a decoy of sorts when he made appearances as a wide receiver.

2014 status: Unrestricted free agent