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Super Bowl 48 game time, tv schedule announcers: Joe Buck has some fun promoting the Super Bowl

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The Super Bowl 48 play-by-play man will be Joe Buck. While a lot of people do dump on him, the man has shown an ability to poke fun at himself.

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We're a couple days away from Super Bowl XLVIII, which means the Joe Buck haters get to amp themselves up in advance of Sunday's game. Joe Buck is one of the most divisive announcers out there, and he and Troy Aikman draw plenty of venom.

Thankfully, in spite of all that, Buck actually has a really good sense of humor about all this. He put together a video with Funny or Die, "promoting" the big game around New York City. Everybody basically craps on him throughout the segment, dropping f-bombs and the like. Some of the highlights include getting pizza thrown in his face, and an immigrant who only knows one particular phrase of English. It wraps with someone talking about how he likes his dad but thinks he's [site decorum].

All in all, I really enjoyed it. And while Buck has his drawbacks, I don't think he's nearly as bad as people make him out to be. He's not my favorite announcer, but I prefer him and Aikman over Nantz and Simms. I've never really enjoyed when CBS handles Super Bowl coverage. I can get a kick out of "Hello friends", but for the most part, CBS is just plain bad. I can get behind FOX at least a little bit. For now though, at least enjoy the video.

Here is a full rundown of Sunday's Super Bowl XLVIII tv information.