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49ers vs. Packers, NFL playoffs 2014: Second quarter score update and open thread

Your second quarter game thread. Enjoy the discussion!

Mike McGinnis

The 49ers lead the Packers 6-0, although the score does not fully indicate the kind of dominance the 49ers had in the first quarter. The Packers ran three offensive drives, all of which went 3 and out. On the other side, the 49ers got down into the red zone twice, but were unable to get touchdowns.

The first drive saw them run three straight pass plays inside the 5-yard line, to no avail. The second drive saw Michael Crabtree get held by Davon House, and no flag was thrown. It's not an excuse for poor red zone execution, but it is something the 49ers will likely need to overcome on the road if they want to win.

This is your second quarter open thread. Here's some info to help you through the game: