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Vikings, Washington contacted 49ers about Greg Roman, per Albert Breer

Washington and Minnesota have reportedly contacted the 49ers about Greg Roman as a head coaching candidate. What does it mean?


The San Francisco 49ers are in the middle of preparations for their divisional round matchup with the Carolina Panthers, and the first distraction is afoot. According to Albert Breer, the Minnesota Vikings and Washington have both contacted the 49ers about interviewing offensive coordinator Greg Roman.

Assistant coaches on Wild Card round playoff teams have some specific rules for interviewing for head coach jobs. If a team is interested, they are allowed to interview the assistant in the days after the Wild Card round, but before the Divisional round commences. The interview has to take place in the city of the assistant's team. If they want to conduct a second interview, it cannot be until after the team is eliminated, or the bye week after the conference championship game, whichever comes first.

It is not surprising that teams are inquiring into Greg Roman. He has been a hot name the last two years. 49ers fans have raised their share of question marks about his play-calling, but he's a guy in demand when it comes to coaching. Even with some of his foibles in play-calling, he has still done some great things with the 49ers and at Stanford. He does not have head coaching experience, but at some point a team is going to give him that opportunity.