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Paul Wulff departing 49ers for South Florida OC job, according to report

The 49ers coaching staff has lost a member, as senior offensive assistant Paul Wulff is departing to be offensive coordinator for the University of South Florida.

Jeff Gross

Fooch's Note: Paul Wulff is reportedly headed to University of South Florida, NOT Central Florida.

This is apparently flying entirely under the radar, but a source told the WSU website that 49ers offensive assistant Paul Wulff is headed to the University of South Florida to take over as offensive coordinator. There is no word if he is already gone, or if he will depart when the playoffs end.

Wulff was first hired by the 49ers in May 2012 to serve as a "senior offensive assistant" to Jim Harbaugh. There were only limited details about his work with the 49ers. He had some offensive line experience so it is possible he focused in there, but we will probably never know the full details of his time with San Francisco.

Wulff's departure is the first of what could be multiple departures for a coaching staff that is pretty "hot" right now. (Fooch's Note: He's the second, as Tim Drevno left for USC) The 49ers are in the midst of their third straight playoff run, and at some point, there will be noticeable departures. In previous seasons they've lost some lower level guys. I don't know where Wulff would qualify on the food chain, but expect more to come. We know Greg Roman has interviewed with Penn State and reportedly, we know Washington and Minnesota have interest in him. We also know Vic Fangio and Jim Tomsula on radars as well.

This will get interesting in seeing how the 49ers replace coaches as they depart. If Roman ends up leaving for another job, the 49ers could promote Geep Chryst from QB coach. If they did that, then QB coach opens up. The team could also look externally to replace their OC if he departs. This applies at defensive coordinator as well. I think it's less likely that Fangio leaves, but if he did, I could see Ed Donatell getting an interview for the DC role. The team has been approached about him previously, but they have declined opportunities for him to interview for DC work. Again, if he were to move up, that opens up the secondary coach role.

Things are certainly getting just a little bit more interesting even as the 49ers face the tough task of winning in Carolina. Plenty more to come!