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Which skill would 49ers fans take from Alex Smith and give to Colin Kaepernick?

Marshall Faulk wants to know which skill would San Francisco 49ers fans take from Kansas City Chiefs QB Alex Smith, and give to 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick. Marshall has to be trolling me, right?

Marshall Faulk is back with his latest GMC question, and this time he has a specific one for our site and Arrowhead Pride. And I'm pretty sure Marshall's trolling us at this point!

Colin Kaepernick does plenty of things really well, and I do believe he is a better long term option at quarterback than Alex Smith. That being said, Alex Smith does a lot of things well. He may not be a superstar, but he does enough to keep you in the game, and he can even win some games for you.

If I had to pick a single skill, it would be Alex Smith's touch on shorter passes. Kap has a cannon of an arm, but there are too many times where his shorter touch can be inconsistent. He made a fantastic 12-yard pass to Stevie Johnson for a touchdown, but as we've seen through four weeks, that does not happen consistently. I'd like to think we'll see improvement, but if I wanted to grab a skill right now, it would be that. I'd probably also say more willingness to take some of those shorter throws, but I think more consistent touch on shorter stuff would be more important for me.

What skill would you take from Alex Smith?

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