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Andy Reid talks with 49ers media about Alex Smith, A.J. Jenkins, 49ers defense

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid spoke with Bay Area media on Wednesday. He did not say a whole lot of much, although he did open up a bit about Alex Smith. We've got a transcript.

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The San Francisco 49ers welcome the Kansas City Chiefs to town on Sunday, which means it is time once again for the opposing coach conference call. Each week, the opposing coach and one or two players will conduct a conference call with the opposing team's media.

This week, Chiefs head coach Andy Reid, and quarterback Alex Smith were on the docket. Smith is not chatting until later today, but Reid got things going this morning. Reid did a good job not actually saying a whole lot of much. His most extensive comments were about Alex Smith. It was the most questioned topic, but he also seemed to open up the most about Smith. Reid also talked about A.J. Jenkins, the 49ers run D, Smith's bond with Travis Kelce, and Marcus Cooper.

On temperament of the team after win:

They're fine. We know we're playing a good football team, so we have to make sure we go through the process. So, today's the first day of that, and that's kind of where we're at.

On emotions of the game for Alex Smith:

I'm not too worried about him on that area, nope ... He's been around a while, so he knows you've just got to go through the process and then the game. The emotions, all that stuff doesn't necessarily help you.

On what stood out in 49ers-Eagles:

They won the game. So, whatever it took there to win. What we do is, we're getting ready for a good football team. That's how we're going about our business. We respect the 49ers, and we've got to make sure we get ourselves ready to play them.

On the 49ers defense:

Well, they're good, they're a good defense. They play hard.

On Smith-Kelce bond:

Travis been doing a good job, he's young, Alex has taken him under his wing, a little bit there. Along with Anthony Fasano, who's been in the league a long time. Travis is just learning how to play, so there's a lot of room to improve there. They work with each other, and spend a lot of time working together.

On 2011 49ers-Eagles game and Reid's impressions of Alex Smith:

The Philly game, you're saying? I've been a fan of his since he was in college. I've liked his game, I thought his game could be good in this offense. You saw what he did with Jim's offense, and did a nice job there. I guess the biggest thing I've seen all the way from college, all the way up through, because we played the 49ers so much, that kinda got to see his maturation process through all those different coordinators and head coaches, all that stuff. And then the good results he had when Jim came.

On why he was fit for Reid's offense:

Well, he's smart, and he's got all the athletic ability you need to be good at that position.

On Smith's handling adversity early in career:

You hear that term "being time-tested", I think he's been time tested that way. He handles it with grace, and at the same time, maintains his confidence within himself as a player, and yet is humble and is a good leader of men. And that's important for being able to go through all those things, plus being able to be a quarterback in the National Football League.

On what Smith has been better at since acquiring him:

Well, you don't really know much about any player until you coach them, completely. I joke about this, but when he first got here, I couldn't get him out of the building. I told him, before you ever have a chance to put on a uniform, we're gonna be on probation because there are hour limits here you can be in this building. I'd have to kick him out every day. He's the first guy in, he's the last guy out. He's maintained that throughout his time here. Relentless worker. And you saw it. His teammates and coaches loved him there. Jim spoke very highly of him to me. Everybody likes him as a human being on top of all that. Good person.

On A.J. Jenkins:

Yea, A.J.'s done a nice job for us. He does a whole lot of things for us, a lot of different areas. And so he was a welcomed addition.

On Jenkins play in playoff where he looked like No. 1 option and confidence to go his way:

He just goes about his job the right away, and most of all, he has the confidence of the quarterback, who inevitably has the ball in his hands last. That's important.

On Marcus Cooper:

Coop is getting better every week with experience, and he's a young guy that has had an opportunity to play a lot for us. He's been a starter for us, for a year and a half at least. He's a big, rangy kid, he's got good size. He's made some big plays for us.

On 49ers run defense:

They're pretty good against the run. Running against them is a tough thing. You've got to be smart on how you go about that.

On Michael Wilhoite:

I think he's done a nice job. He's been a prominent special teams guy, but now that he's stepped in, I think he's done fine. He's a very good athlete, good tackler. I think he's a good football player.

On Fangio defense not using a lot of blitzes:

Listen, Vic is a very good coordinator, with a very good scheme, and he's put his players in the right position to make plays. And that's the sign of a good coach and good players. The personnel department there has done a great job of feeding players to him that fit that scheme. It's a tribute to that whole organization there. You gotta make sure you're sharp, and you gotta do your homework when you're getting ready to play the 49ers.